martedì 24 maggio 2011

English version

"I had my other passion, my scooter Rollerball.
I'm pretty inkazzato, no more, I have cheated.
I remember it was a beautiful day. I wanted to celebrate. I wake up like all
quiet afternoons. I eat, I go out, get down the stairs, arriving at:
Nothing, nothing! Where there is usually parked my scooter:
the null, Desert.
I thought:
"But who? but how? but who the fuck! "
Ripped me from my scooter!
Now listen to me:
I swear that I would hope that the ladies among you there was the thief. There is a
son of no one who stole a scooter. Listen. So 'that can feel
in person what I have to say:
Know that this was my motor
You can hide, you can repaint, you can scrape the frame, you can
tenertelo and sell it, you can do what you want and ...
but it's still my scooter!
And you will remember my curses
for ever
These curses will stick to the frame of my scooter, the handlebars
and under the seat in front and rear tail light so 'that spenghino
in one night all dark intersections as a big truck driven by a
drunk truck driver, died of sleep and more English, and for this
keep left! The brakes come off a sudden, when you
realize that the car in front of you nailed, once compressed and
crushed in his luggage, I doubt that someone will rise to the tremendous
have you cursed!
The curse will cling to the seat that will blow you away while
going up on the fly and an iron will teach you in the ass not to put the nose between the
kazza my!
In Mother Nature's finest bunch of piles of clothes wet, make you
spitting blood in the morning just got up, gradually the pulping
liver, to make you deaf and dumb, but not forever, dumb but not always,
that the voice will come back sporadically for a few seconds where you shoot
of enormous bullshit!
Blinds you and makes you a color-blind eye the other
Features of a smell you anywhere where you only paid the smell of shit
What skills do you have a hump and if you've got that in this case you accentuate the
so 'that the only thing that you are able to see your ass!
Finally stronzone that a large flock of pigeons inkazzati you trade
to the commissioner, filling the ecology of scagazzate so '
you should run away with my scooter, however, flooded the shit!
Enjoy your trip cuckold! "

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