mercoledì 15 giugno 2011


CORRIERE DELLA SERA - At the opening: "Taxation, the stakes Tremonti," with the comment: "The basis of Giulio between business and labor." In high-cut "Third pass in the balance": Angelo Panebianco Editorial: "A lesson that burns." Shoulder: "The water returns to the municipalities: rebus rates and investment" and "So the Net has driven a quorum (more than the TV)." In the center photo-news: Dip (involuntary) of Oracle "and" Half of the Northern League voters chose to vote for the four referendum. " In a box: "Maxievasione in cell Pambianchi. In low-cut: "Leonardo and Inter, the farewell is ready" and "'To Ruby that night military attack'."

LA REPUBBLICA - Opening: "Taxes, Tremonti's move." Editorial by Barbara Spinelli, "The emergence of the future" and Massimo Giannini: "The Manifesto of Julius." Shoulder: "For a new Italian foreign, the office of the forty." In the center photo-news: "The people of the disobedient" and "Boccassini: Arcore prostitution." In a box: "jump-turn on the beaches to private concession of twenty years." In low-cut: "The Northern League: the southern North prof nothing."

LA STAMPA - Opening: "'Three tax rates for'" and in two boxes: "Government, 15 hours in three months" and "'Prostitution Arcore'." In high-cut: "War to Gaddafi: 'Gone are the money'" and "The surprise of Leo, 'Moratti, bye bye'." Michele Brambilla's editorial: "The Northern League, which bark and no bite." Shoulder: "The best fiction of reality" and "increases the regret Facebook. In the center photo-news: "The king of the America's Cup flies over the sea." In two boxes: "Maroni raises his voice: 'Open your eyes' and' I 'Maronites' Venetian ready to tear." At the bottom of page: "An honorable salary."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Five and three tax rates" and high-cut: "The ETF in Italy grew by 27.4 percent. Screwed the proportion of 20 billion "and" RCS currency the transfer of six titles. Editorial by Carlo Bastasin: "After the time of national populism." At the center of the photo-news: "Dragons at the European Parliament: 'No to the default of Athens'," "Representation: Comparing the Way" and "Discounts of 75 percent for corporate networks." Shoulder: "The politician finds place in the municipal" and "the process Boccassini-Ruby: blatant prostitution of girls at the home of Prime Minister." In low-cut, "That accounts virtuous who ruled Einaudi.

IL GIORNALE - Opening: "Appeal to Berlusconi. Via tax tyranny ", with editorial by Victor Felts. At the center of the photo-news: "The secret of Santoro takes the field" and "The persecution continues: Sallusti suspended from the Order." Shoulder: "No trap of Pontida." At the bottom of page: "From Silvio resign, so if you make it all under."

LIBERO - Opening: "Berlusconi at a crossroads: to resign or stand?", With Maurizio Belpietro editorial: "If spring now there is Palazzo Chigi Vendola and Giampaolo Pansa," must shoot to save his party. " At the center of the photo-news: "The plan: Montezemolo instead of Tremonti." At the bottom of the page: "'The Ruby and Minetti, a military attack'."

IL TEMPO - Opening: "Money, yachts and handcuffs." At the center of the photo-news: "Three rates. The reform, which thinks Tremonti. "

IL FOGLIO - At the opening on the left: "The GOP is left groped by doves and think about the withdrawal from Kabul." At the opening on the right: "The project for a tax Tremonti light, simple but rigorous." In the middle: "The referendum on the foreskin."

L’UNITÀ - Opening photo-page news to all: "You have to win." In high-cut: "The medium Knight and the three alloys.

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