domenica 24 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Norway, the day of terror". Editorial Francesco Giavazzi: "The credit is, and even moral." Analysis in a box: "The nightmare of the inside track." In the middle: "The alliance cracked: postponed peace talks between Berlusconi and Bossi". Below: "Contracts and homes, the system Milanese".
REPUBLIC - Opening: "Terrorism, the day of blood in Oslo." The Report of Giampaolo Cadalanu: "The city of peace now seems to Kabul." Under the analysis: "The Islamic and the inner track." At the center, "Napolitano defends pm: Attacks unacceptable".
THE PRESS - Opening: "Back to the terror, carnage in Oslo." Editorial Lucia Annunziata, "Farewell to the myth of the perfect country". In a box: "Reforms, yellow on the decree." In the low-cut, "the boss Ucciardone Prada dresses longer."
FREE - Opening: "Revenge of the caste." In high-cut: "With Islam the niceness does not pay. Norway under attack, a massacre. " Color photos in the middle: "Fini, the brother had to sell the house." In the middle: "beautiful rip the war in Libya. Gaddafi Eni closed the taps "
IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Greece, Fitch EU rejected the plan." Editorial by Alessandro Leipold, "Two lectures and two risks." In the middle: "The ratings on Freta is a bad counselor." Color photos: "car bomb and gunfire, Norway under attack." Bottom: "The Italian commitment can be worth 13 Billion" and "Mediobanca way to a new governance".. "
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Attack on Norway, it is murder." Ennio Di Nolfo editorial: "New Frontiers of terror." In the middle: "The symbol of the Nobel Peace Prize" and "Justice, warning of the Hill". Bottom: "The pizzardone Woody."
ITALY TODAY - Opening: "Recruitment with privacy". Below: "Balance sheets, frozen reform."
THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "CASTA, waste and TIPS, the Lazio Region spends 15 million euros for advertising on helicopters and planes. Parliament from 2.6 million to bowling alleys, churches, aviaries and a collection of shells."

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