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Lodo Mondadori: the true story

Expropriation scream and talk about political judgment. But the facts are straightforward, clear and certificates: Berlusconi took the publishing house of Segrate bribing a judge with the money of a foreign account. Everything else is chatter.
By Marco Travaglio

And 'quite complicated peddling the ruling Mondadori a political case. Because all of the facts underlying the claim of 560 million deal to Fininvest Court of Appeal of Milan are over twenty years ago. So long before the Knights went into politics: between 1988 and 1991.

It all began in 1988, when Silvio Berlusconi, a small shareholder of the publishing group, attempted to climb. Carlo De Benedetti, who controls the majority stake Cir, resisted the assault and is in accordance with the heirs Formenton-Mondadori to buy their shares no later than January 30, 1991. But then they change horses, and in November 1989 an alliance with Knight. Which, January 25, 1990, becomes president of the group, add up to three TV's and the "Journal" Montanelli also "Republic", "Panorama", "L'Espresso", "Epoch" and a dozen local newspapers Finegil in addition to the branch books. Both the engineer and the Knight claiming control of the group: as the "war of Segrate" is entrusted to a panel of three arbitrators chosen by De Benedetti, and by Formenton by the Supreme Court.

These, 20 June 1990, deposited the award that vindicates Cir: Mondadori is the Engineer and the Knight must leave the presidency debenedettiani managers. But Berlusconi and Formenton not give up and challenge the award before the Civil Court of Appeal of Rome, known stronghold of Cesare Previti.

The case ends with the Civil Division, presided over by Arnaldo Valente (which, according Stefania Ariosto, Previti frequented the house). And, as Judge-Rapporteur and drafter of the sentence, is appointed Vittorio Metta, too intimate Previti. The closed session closes January 14, 1991: missing two weeks at the end of the long-Formenton Berlusconi. Ten days later, on 24, Put the ruling is made public: the award is canceled, the Mondadori Berlusconi is back for more. But it is an open secret: a month before Bruno Pazzi, chairman of Consob Andreotti, had advanced to the office of the Engineer, Vittorio Ripa di Meana. The De Benedetti testify at the trial of Milan: "It was rumored that the sentence had been typed at the lawyer's Acampora and had cost 10 billion ... It was then that I heard for the first time the name of Cesare Previti, as someone close Berlusconi and notoriously introduced in the Roman courts. "

At that point, however, politics intervened. Concerned by the overwhelming power of Berlusconi's media, then Craxi and Giulio Andreotti duelists requires a transaction before his faithful Joseph Ciarrapico. Result: to close the game, the Knight must return the "Republic", "L'Espresso" and the newspapers Finegil Cir, while "Panorama", "Epoch" and the rest of Mondadori remain Fininvest.

So far, the public history of the war in Segrate. But there is also a "behind the scenes", discovered by Milan prosecutors during the investigation of bank born from the revelations of Ariosto. A month after the ruling annulling the award, is set in motion a flood of money from Swiss bank accounts to those of Fininvest Previti and two other lawyers of the occult group: Attilio Pacifico and Giovanni Acampora. On February 14, 1991 All Iberian (hidden offshore companies in the sector of Fininvest) clean $ 2,732,868 (3 billion pounds) on the Swiss bank account "Mercier" the Previti. Hence, Feb. 26, half the amount (1 billion and a half) is drained to the account "Careliza Trade" by Acampora. Who, on October 1, turns 425 million to Previti, which diverts them into two tranches (11 and 16 October) to the account "Lapwing" in the Pacific. These, 15 and 17 October, draws 400 million in cash and is delivered to a mysterious destination in Italy: according to the prosecution, the judge Metta. Which, in the following months, many spend cash to buy and renovate an apartment for her daughter Sabrina and buy a new BMW. Then let the magistrates, became a lawyer and, along with Sabrina, went to work studying various Previti.Dopo erratic judgments, the Supreme Court in 2007 condemn Metta, Previti, Pacifico and Acampora judicial corruption (Berlusconi instead been saved by requiring , abbreviated by the generous granting of extenuating circumstances). At the trial of Milan, in fact, the defendants tell lots of lies in a desperate attempt to justify the huge, winding around money. Previti speaks of "normal fees", but this time it does not appear to have played professional assignments that explain. Put the cylinder pulls a mysterious legacy, but also in his case the accounts and the dates do not add up.

The former judge added that he knew only Previti '94, but the prosecutor discovered the printouts that the two phones already in 1992-93. The straw that breaks the camel's back is the incredible timing of the offending sentence: the registers of the Court of Appeal in Rome deposited Put it turns out that the motivation of the anti-award (168 pages) January 15, 1991: just a day after the closed session. He who, for much shorter sentences, was known to employ two or three months time. It 'clear that the verdict was written first, and also elsewhere in the final sentence states that it was "unknown manuscript by third parties unrelated" and "out of institutional environments", such that the process could emerge "copies different from the original. "

The judges, in addition to prison sentences for offenders, also establish the right to be compensated by the Cir Fininvest in civil courts for "lost profits" and the "actual damage" Mondadori's theft. Also because the Supreme Court, while noting the requirement for Berlusconi, says it is "reasonable" and "logical" that the principal of the tangent to Put him was: "The salary is in the interest of the corrupt judge and on behalf of the corrupter" . That is the current president of the Council that he had "full knowledge that the sentence had been the object of commercialization."
Besides, "the episode took place within the criminal" war of Segrate, "fought for control of well-known and influential media." The usual end-user.

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