mercoledì 27 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The brakes ministries at North Hill". Editorial by Anthony Polito: "What Bersani did not write." Photo-news on the massacres in Norway under the title: "Crimes against humanity for the killer to 30 years." In the middle: "The auction of the shake Bot Stock Exchange. And Europe fears the contagion. "In a box, the interview with Giuliano Amato:" What can we do? work all the more. "At the bottom of page:" Acknowledgement of bribery of the vice Coop red "and" Tremonti quell'affitto paid half. " REPUBLIC - Opening: "Ministries in the North, not the Quirinal". In the middle: "The League and the Norwegian syndrome" and "Somalia, fleeing from hunger." In the left column: "Homophobia, rejected the law" and "The politics of disgust". At bottom: "If the night is forbidden to women" and "too much mail in the office, back chat business." THE PRESS - Opening: "Ministries in the North, the height of the Hill". Marcello Sorgi Editorial: 'The different institutional sensitivity. "In the middle:" Venice bursts, the invasion of new tourists. " IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The auction takes Bot but rising rates." Editorial Luigi Zingales: "Playing with fire". Highlights: "The summer sun to see." In the middle: "Fiat strong quarter with debt growth." THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Bersani mind the Courier." At the center: "A thousand euro per week in cash: the spesucce Tremonti Home." Followed by: "Victor Emmanuel: I'm not just an acquittal with a nice 'sorry'." Shoulder "Silvio and Marina foot the bill of extortion." FREE - Opening: "The Democratic Party requires the lace also parceled". At the center: "Do not shoot on the West despite Borghezio". In the left column: "If Bersani pretends not to have his right arm." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Ministries in the North, alt Napolitano." At the center: "In Rome, another driver who leads with his elbows" and "Obama will act or failure." In a box, "Borghezio justifies the killer of Oslo. The league apologized to Norway. " At bottom: "Bets, the risk Atalanta B". THE TIME - Opening: "The secret account of the caste." Mario Sechi Editorial: The theorem of the same. " At the center: "No to the ministries in the North." UNITA '- Opening: "Napolitano said no to the government." At the center of the photo of Obama with the headline: "With bated breath." THE FACT DAILY-Opening: "Alitalia GOODBYE, BRUCE 4 BILLION, is what cost us the rescue patriotic wanted by Berlusconi. But the company's future is already sealed: garage sale to Air France ".- In the middle:" The allegations of the manufacturer before Pasini pm at Monza, "said Penati: the area you want? Pay me and coop red. "

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