sabato 17 settembre 2011


The judicial proceedings related to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the intercepts of the Prosecutor of Bari dominate the front pages of newspapers today. "It's a trap do not give up," headline in the Corriere della Sera, referring words of the President of the Council contained in the letter to the editor of Il Foglio, Giuliano Ferrara. Ample space for cards from Corsera investigation of Bari with phone calls with Prime Minister Gianpaolo Tarantini. The editorial "Reasonable consideration" of government crises and investigations, is signed by Pierluigi Battista. The Republic headline "Berlusconi calls scandal" with the director Ezio Mauro, author of the editorial "The Knight responds." Space center page on "The Europe that is split on aid to Greece." Press Berlusconi opens with the phrase: "I do not go by the prosecutors and do not give up." In high-cut each other space to which the parents Piedmont Turin Court has taken his daughter because she deemed "unfit". At the center of the page fotonotizia singer Andrea Bocelli in concert triumphs in New York. "Letter of Berlusconi" The newspaper headline that speaks instead of "judicial onslaught" against the prime minister. The Director Victor Felts devotes its editorial to the Third Pole, which "has already melted." At the center dominates the photo page of the journalist Luisella Costamgana "purged" by La7, but The Journal points out, "was not the Knight." The Messenger opens with "Escort cards of Berlusconi." At the center page, the newspaper of the capital from space with a photo restored the fountain of Piazza Navona. And more: the "shock to the government," Bossi says: "2013 is too far forward." It is distinguished from other newspapers, the opening, the Sole 24 Ore the headline: "Mini-Understanding on EU stability pact." The newspaper of Confindustria "downgrade" to the shoulder piece of the article on the papers relating to the relationship Berlusconi Tarantini.

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