venerdì 16 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The new cards, and escort of favors." The editorial by Sergio Rizzo: "The provinces untouchable". Fotonotizia center: "Cameron-Sarkozy, the axis of Libya". In the middle: "The ECB and Fed intervention to rescue banks and pushes the stock markets reassured."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "All the escort of Berlusconi." At the center, the fotonotizia: "We children of the chicken coop classes, the revolt of families in school." Even in the middle: "Markets, Fed and ECB in the field, dollars to bail out banks." Shoulder: "Cameron and Sarkozy among the insurgents. 'It is over, Gaddafi is to be taken'. "

THE PRESS - Opening: "Thirty girls for the premier." Editorial Mario Calabresi: "Italy deserved something better." Above: "Off with her daughter to the elderly." Shoulder: "The central banks of Europe at the bedside." Even shoulder: "That risk is frightening the markets". At the center, the fotonotizia: "Cameron and Sarkozy to Tripoli in triumph."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The newspaper must be silent" by Alessandro Sallusti. Fotonotizia center: "Out of two, Dandini speaks for itself." Shoulder letter Vittorio Needled: Dear Alfano, your defending PDL private kindergartens. " At the center: "Central banks are flying the stock."

FREE - Opening: "Silvio surrender, you're surrounded." Editorial Maurizio Belpietro "investigate us too, we are guilty of publishing news." At the center of the fotonotizia: "No sex with the Cav, the Arcuri became the new leader of the Democratic Party."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Maxi liquidity from central banks." Editorial by Luigi Guiso, "identified the issue, now the right treatment." Editorial Luca Paolozzi: "A shock therapy, but soon." Above: "Confindustria: Italy towards zero growth. Taxes never so high. " In the middle: "Take tomorrow VAT increase to 21%."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Escort and contracts, the new allegations." The editorial by Charles Wayne: "The image of the country." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Sex in Sanremo, but refused Arcuri." Always at the center: "Central banks in action".

TIME - In the opening editorial Mario Sechi: "Togas, banks and red lights." At the center, the fotonotizia: "Diet. With the menu Schifani senators in the form ". And still at the center: "The unholy alliance of central institutions."

UNITA '- Opening: "Government of the prisoner escort." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Assault with water". The editorial by Claudio Sardo, "who betrays the common good."

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "35 prostitutes for him." Editorial Marco Travaglio: "The king is dead." In the middle: "Silvio puts a crucifix between her tits for Nicole." Fotonotizia below: "Sacrifices: 6 thousand euros us, caste zero."

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