lunedì 21 novembre 2011


Da Il Velino.itBBC News - At the opening: "Assault of the army killed and wounded in Egypt." At the center: "Spain, Rajoy's triumph." The editorial by Angelo Panebianco, Replacement of the parties. "Still at the center: "This will change the pensions for age and income groups." Shoulder: "The Authority must be independent and competent." Below: "The man is speaking of Finmeccanica."THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Spain, a triumph of the popular".The editorial by Michela Marzano: The mission of the teachers make sense of politics. " Shoulder: "In other political bribes Enav sprout." Even the shoulder: "An earthquake delete Zapatero." At the center, fotonotizia: "Egypt: blood in Tahrir Square, 12 dead.Woman arrested at presidenzali candidate. " Below: "Welcome to the Silicon Valley of tomorrow."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Spain relies on Popular." Editorial by Luigi La Spina: "Out with the Madrid changed hours recipe visionary." Shoulder: "The reforms at no cost to do now." At the center, fotonotizia "iron fist in Cairo." Even in the middle: The promise of Mountains 'Sacrifices and benefits.' " Above: "A boom in the final for the exhibition on Italy united."

THE JOURNAL - Opening: "It 'a fight for the seats." Victor Felts editorial: "If the government has promoted even before the exams." The comment: "The pensions of caste? Do not cut the engineers. " At the center, fotonotizia: "Casini, the 'killer' of Pope has skeletons in the house." Shoulder: "Spanish Lesson: If you vote wins the center".

FREE - Opening: "Sparrow Force was born." Maurizio Belpietro Editorial: "Conrad is out there and I bet you will go far." Editorial by Giampaolo Pansa: "Italy can be saved on the raft of Mountains". At the center fotonotizia: "The bribes into trouble, the UDC."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Double maneuvering over the house." Editorial by Salvatore Padula: "The beneficial exchange."Shoulder: "Shield for SMEs against the high-spread." Above: "How to avoid disputes in condominium and enforce their rights."At the center: "In Italy the most disadvantaged young people",

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Spain, the triumph of the popular". The editorial by Ennio Di Nolfo: "The defeat of a system without penalty." Editorial by Peter Piovani: "From dolphin Aznar leaders honored at the third attempt." At the center, fotonotizia: "Roma beat Lecce continues the comeback." Even in the middle: "Monti raises the Eurobonds." Below: "If the pampering heal the stress let's try for the spread."

TIME - Opening: "That's the plot imaginary." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "The line of Cav and that of Professor." Shoulder: "This creates an illusion of a real weakness." Even shoulder: Not only are occult forces 'overdrawn'. "Fotonotizia the center:" Zapatero goodbye. Triumph of the popular. "Below:" The Government of the capital from Rome. "

UNITY '- Opening the fotonotizia: "The poison apple." Above: "Bindi: the unacceptable conditions of the Cav." Still on top: "Triumph Rajoy spain turns right." Below: "Aaa leaders wanted."Shoulder: "Who breaks Italy." Still shoulder "idea of ​​voting systems companies." (IlVelino / AGV)

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