lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

BBC News - At the beginning: "Mountains, liberalize immediately." Above: "We will work one more week to pay taxes and contributions." Editorial Ernesto Galli della Loggia: "Turn necessary useless nostalgia." At the center, "AC Milan and Juventus, flew parallel". Next: "Salaries and provinces: the cuts to the policy." Shoulder: "The Germans are good? Looking at the data. No ". Below: "The scale of the tails and the odyssey of the luggage."
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Mountains: the real challenge is to create jobs." In a box: "The 'lessons' learned professor of television to inform, not to deceive." Next: "Giarda launches spending review 'cut-and-spending plan by January.'" Editorial by Alessandro Penati: "Escape reform at no cost." At the center: "Cameron does not bend: no Tobin tax". Shoulder, "is' time to return the state to citizens." Below: "Yoga, the myth cracks 'Do not trust, it hurts.'" Next: "Milan and Juve-unrestrained Totti goal after 7 months."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Mountains: Work and Article 18 discussion without taboos." Editorial Lucia Annunziata: "2012 is the year of women who decide." In a box: "Italians occupied less than foreigners." Above: "Government bonds, equities or currencies, any advice for investors." Next: Marchionne 'My successor only after the l2015.' " At the center of news photos: "Haiti, the future generation and the earthquake." Shoulder: "Climate crazy Pole melts Use dry". Below: "Burma is open to the world." Bottom: "Flour-Messi, the unusual couple at the Golden Ball."
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Melancholic resign." Shoulder: "If Facebook becomes the asylum of political peons." At the center, with pictures: "But what pleases Mountains go on TV." In a box: "Myths, paradoxes and lies sull'evasione with clams." Always at the center: "Islam and the West threatens us think only the god of money." Below: "Italians in deficit of imagination."
IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Work, the moves of the government." Unsigned editorial: "Ideas and courage, not just rules." At the center: "The income tax punishes the regional low-income." Below: "Eleven months committed to the family expenses and taxes." Shoulder: "The network of controls on the use of cash." Below: "500 thousand causes extinction risk".
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "'Stop the corporations.'" In a box: "No, of Cameron to the Tobin tax". Editorial by George Israel: "The human capital that the tests ignore." At the center fotonotizia: "Party with the Giallorossi Totti Olimpico aim high." Comment by Vincent Cerracchio: "To dream is never too late." Next: "Rome is the face of the killers" .. Below: "From Acca Larentia murder Verbano plates that divide the memory." Next: "For the court square, but no sheep in the flock of balances flows undisturbed."
TIME - Opening: "Mountains declares war on the other castes." Mario Sechi Editorial: "The Professor channel switching." In the middle photo: "Totti with a double Roma fly." Shoulder: "The admission of Mario, is a 'strange' executive '. Below: "With the PDL of Cortina SUVs off the road ends." Even in the "new electoral law without a referendum." Below: "A murder full of warnings."
UNITY '- Opening: "Extra honest." Comment by Carlo Sini: "Young people on the margins." Below: "The Tobin tax is possible." Above: "Mountains: just privileges or the ship sinks." Next, interview with Casini: "A political future for some ministers." (IlVelino / AGV)

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