lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "The great disaster for a small favor." Editorial Pierluigi Battista: "Now severity". At the center, fotonotizia: "So have saved the Commissioner." Next: "'The Commissioner refused to go on board and help the passengers.'" Below: "A goal from Prince derby to Inter."
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Concordia, a night of mistakes and lies." Below: "'On board, everything ok' and the alarm did not go."Salvatore Settis Editorial: "New rules for those giants." Shoulder: "The child and the covers of Lily". Below: "The picture of the agony blue." Below: "Mont motion asks Merkel for EU: Italy will do it." In a box: "The archipelago of the League." Next: "Farewell to the writer Carlo Fruttero created 'The Sunday Woman.'"Comment by Ezio Mauro: "The two accomplices of Turin."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Two more dead, is still sought."Editorial by Luigi La Spina: "The weakness of the human factor."At the center: "Merkel: 'Italy will do it.'" Below: "Farewell Fruttero, the prevalence of irony."
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Shame on the world." Comment by Victor Felts: That stupid race between man and technology. "Editorial Sallusti Alexander: "The parties will resume the government in the face of the two presidents." Below: "That ideal world within ourselves."
IL SOLE 24 ORE - At the opening: "Tight on the final competition." Editorial by Carlo Carboni, "Testbed for discovering the efficiency." At the center: "Local politicians in crisis of consensus." Shoulder: "Combating tax evasion, municipalities plan ahead." Below: "Against the recession, the EU is focusing on SMEs." Bottom: "From Sondrio in Palermo the maneuver will have no secrets."
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Anguish for the last missing".Below: "There is still the nightmare of full tanks of fuel." Sergio Givone Editorial: "When the unconscious is a crime." At the center: "The officer was a hero on board until the end." Next: "The commander wanted to flee after the tragedy." Below: "It goes back to Lazio, jewel-goal Klose De Rossi: I want to stay." Next: "From chameleons to howler monkeys new species are named after celebrities."
TIME - Opening: "The longest day of the Mountains." Editorial by Mario Sechi, "Seven points for parties." At the center, fotonotizia: "Live and dead under the sea." Below: "Signs still odd. Taxis at risk. "
UNITY '- Opening: "The dark side of Concord." Above: "Monti sees leaders: I want a strong support." Next: "I fought abroad cardiologist Here there is no hope." Editorial Claudio Sardo: "Nightmare Second Republic". Below: "Out to lunch with the Prime Minister." Below: "'Some lessons from the case Vattani."(IlVelino / AGV)

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