mercoledì 18 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "Released master of the ship."Editorial by Grasso: "Thank you, Captain." At the center fotonotizia: "He has abandoned even the disabled." Shoulder: "Protests and riots. Taxi drivers in the square divided. " Even the shoulder: "But the fireworks do not help." Below: "The research money? For salaries. "
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Yes, I was wrong maneuver."Adriano Sofri editorial: "As the cry of a child." Under the opening: "Taxi Drivers in revolt 'Locked Rome.'" Comment by Barbara Spinelli: "Europe is not a panopticon." Shoulder: "Why is the public school is paid by the families?". Below: "The friendships of the heavenly Formigoni dangerous." Still down: "The war of Wikipedia to the owners of Hollywood."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Released commander." Maximum Gramellini editorial: "The only hero." Above: "Monti: I fear more European than Italian tensions" Always on top: "The unions joined 'The government economic policy changes.'" Shoulder: "So justice can help the economy." Bottom: "Sicily in revolt for dear diesel."
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Mountains seduced and abandoned." At the center fotonotizie: "The multi-investigator investigated Pd becomes" "The minister rejected a researcher in geography," "The mischievous tenant wants more transparency."Below: "De Falco, the officer who redeems the honor Italian." Still in "Commander under house arrest, controversy between pm and judges."
IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Race to the auctions, the spreads fall." Editorial by Martin Wolf: "Europe help the 'Super-Mario'."Below: "The short-sighted defense of Berlin." At the center: "Petrol, it is the exclusive". Shoulder: "These vulture funds-fleeced Athens." Investigation of Fabio Pavesi: "To the gentlemen of the rating one billion of net profits." Above: "Environment: risk damage to a billion."
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "He has left 300 people." Luigi Manconi Editorial: "The opposite of the national character." In a box: "explosive charges to find the missing." At the center, fotonotizia: "Rissa and firecrackers, the taxi drivers in the streets". Even in the middle, "Severino nine million jobs back." In a box, "Pisanu hours parties well to stop the decline of national unity." Below: "The hypothesis of the murder-revenge for the killer of Chinese hanged." Next: "'stumbling block? Cemetery '. So the memory is trampled. "
TIME - Opening: "The will also give the medal." Shoulder: "The euro has failed, however, saved Europe." Even the shoulder: "Milleproroghe that reeks of retaliation." Even shoulder. "Cash for political integration." Bottom: The taxi drivers besieged Prime Minister's office. "
UNITY '- Opening: "Voices from the disaster." Silvano Andriani Editorial: "The three options of Berlin." Comment by Massimo Adinolfi, "The Wreck of the conscience." Below: "Milan, teeters over the former councilor Formigoni". Above: "The chill of the Court: Italy can do it alone." Next: "Blocks and firecrackers: Rome taxi drivers held hostage in revolt."
THE DAILY FACTS - Opening: "Mountains besieged by taxi drivers." Editorial by Mark Labor: "Casta cruises." At the heart: "Never use anti-radar shipwrecked." Below: "So I was beaten by the young Vattani."
(IlVelino / AGV)

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