lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "A company to reduce debt." In a box: "The Cultural Heritage open to individuals." Editorial by Giuseppe De Rita, "Politics and the third off elite." At the center fotonotizia: "Bossi insults Mountains and warns the PDL: Formigoni or falls on the engineers." Below, comments: "If the people now reject the League's act of faith." Shoulder: "Gingrich: Do not end up like the Europe of bureaucrats." Even the shoulder: "The Government's doubts on the candidature of Rome Olympics of 2020." In a box: "You can anticipate the withdrawal from Afghanistan." Below: "The protest of Tir from Sicily to Lazio." THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Work, fight on Article 18". Editorial by Stefano Rodota: "Simplify, without sacrifices." Below: "Contracts and unique human capital." At the center, fotonotizia: "Bossi: 'open the Berlusconi government crisis'. The square the whistle. " In a box: "The decline of a leader." Shoulder: "If the scandal of breast implants clears the right to beauty". Below: "Disappeared Schettino's computer delivered to a woman." Still at the bottom: "All travel back to Juve win Udinese, AC Milan and Inter." THE PRESS - Opening: "Mountains: Article 18, no taboos." In a box: "The test for politics." Editorial Ricolfi Luke: "Two reasons to be optimistic." Shoulder: "In Japan, which does not change the skin to die." Below: "Vladimir, a winner fragile." At the center, fotonotizia: "Gingrich creates chaos among the anti-Obama." Below: "If Beethoven becomes a truncheon." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Monti is the TV." At the center, fotonotizia: "Whistles Bossi, but he remains the head." Shoulder: "Sparrow thinks about his development." Below: "Casini and Prof couple nightmare." Still under: "What nobody says about the crisis between Germany and spread." Below: "The care that heals the jealousy of the past." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Professions, a place in three stages." Editorial by Salvatore Padula: "When the alarm sounds evasion." At the center: "Studies of the field, 20% is out of line." In a box: In the fort of fiscal controls. " Shoulder: "At school enrollments via internet". Below: "Fifteen hundred orphans projects 8 per thousand." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Mountains: no taboos in the workplace." Below: "Alfano: justice reform can find agreement." In a box: "The plan antiburocrazia here is all new." Above: "The Premier League attacks the whistles for Bossi." In the middle photo: "Lazio beat, referee accused." Even in the middle: "'Other officers on the run during a shipwreck.'" In a box: "Roman boy dies skiing accident in Ovindoli". Below: "The Foreign Ministry recalls that extolled the Consul Vattani fascism." Next: "'The revenge of gossip reduces stress and is good for your health." TIME - Opening: "With the league also banned the flag." Editorial by Francis Damato: "The Carnival of the Northern League." One hundred photos with: "The macabre tour of the new barbarians." Shoulder, Cicchitto interview: "'It's irresponsible to now open a crisis.'" Even the shoulder: "I, Mars without taxis and without liberalization. Even shoulder, Tremonti speaks: "They could do more now serves more stability." Below: "Lazio defeated by referees and bad luck." UNITY '- Opening: "Mountains on Article slips. 18: should not be a taboo. " Editorial Luigi Mariucci: "A question of civility." Comment by Massimo Adinolfi: "Italy-Marchionne's Panda." At the center, fotonotizia: "stowaway." Below: "Best director: Andrea Pirlo." Always at the bottom: "When the DIA wrote: 'The mafia wants a tacit negotiation.'" (IlVelino / AGV)

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