giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "Shake eight seconds Fear comes to the north." Editorial by Giovanni Sartori: "A solution of common sense." At the center: "Fiscal easier with a decree." Even in the middle fotonotizia: "Rome, clashes ee wounded." Shoulder: "The lost opportunities of Italy unequal." At the center: "Merkel: 'Now reforms, not more money' Monti see a way out of the crisis. '" Below: "The double chair minister. THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Taxes, the supertruffatori 18 thousand." The speech of Angela Merkel: "Not only sacrifice for our children." The ideas of Timothy Gartonash: The single currency can now hope for. " At the center, fotonotizia: "Earthquake scares everyone in the North road, schools evacuated." Even in the middle: "The protest continued fighting and casualties in Rome." Shoulder: "The guy who flies into the storm." Below: "The report of the principals: 'Increases to the very best.'" Still at the bottom: "parting desperate in the face of Jesus." THE PRESS - Opening: "Merkel and Europe 'In the future I see the political union.'" Fotonotizia: "Fear of the earthquake, shaking all over the north." At the center: "Health, revolution for tickets." Above: "Obama opens to the outraged." Still on top: "The Coast: Schettino asked to agree." Reports: "Egypt, the revolt in the square where it stops." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "The freeloaders." Editorial by Francesco Forte, "Who wants to make clear the middle class." At the center, fotonotizia: "And now also the eurosciopero invented." Shoulder: "Predicting the earthquake last pride of man hi-tech" shoulder again: "If the stress of divorce make people sick." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Pensions, seen on more funds." Editorial by Charles Bastasin: "Match it difficult to develop." Adriana Cerretelli Editorial: Austerity alone is not enough. " At the center, "Merkel reforms to grow." Shoulder: "Phone records with more than 100 thousand professionals." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Uncovered the cunning of the tax." Editorial by Mario Del Pero, "Obama and taxes in the American challenge." At the center, fotonotizia: "Fishermen Protest, riots and injuries in Rome." At the center, fotonotizia: "Earthquake, fear the North." Even in the middle: "Work is not a privilege." Below: "Stop the judicial asylums." Next: "'There's a panther all'Aurelio' urban safari and starts." TIME - Opening: "Bombs and paper fish in the face." Editorial by Mario Sechi, "Faith and contracts concern the Pope." In the middle photo: "Companies are no credit." Shoulder: "The Premier and the power that goes to parties." Bottom: 'Baby of four months in-law to the nest. " UNITY '- Opening: "The two italie". Comment by Michael Prospero: "Cricket, the right heart." The analysis of Rinaldo Gianola: "Confindustria and 18". Above: "Bersani, 'Di Pietro choose.'" Below: "Protest in the streets of fishermen: clashes, 5 injured." Always at the bottom: "Farewell Marine judicial asylums: Choice of civilization." THE DAILY FACTS - Opening: "Mountains and the bill of 900 billion." Editorial by Mark Labor: "The orgettina". At the center: "The parties in the war for the city but the base rate the professor." Below: "Alemanno and the thugs pm reopens the investigation." (IlVelino / AGV)

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