lunedì 30 gennaio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

BBC News - At the opening: "So the local evade taxes." Editorial by Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi: "Spending less is not impossible." At the center: "The Scalfaro goodbye to the president who said: 'There I am.'" Shoulder: "Monti calls on the EU plan 'soft' return from debt." In a box: "The real role of development banks." Below: "That 40% of households without Internet". THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "New employees without the article 18". Analysis of Tito Boeri, "The poverty that arises from the labor market." Susanna Camusso intervention: "We, Lama and the crisis but the 1978 is far away." At the center: "Sarkozy: we put it on the Tobin Tax by yourself." In a box: "The Italians for the control and government." Even in the middle, fotonotizia, "Farewell to Scalfaro, the president said on television: 'I'm not.'" Below: "The gentleman and the Knight," "The Constitution as a flag." Shoulder: "The miracle that can save the Union." Below: "Children only up to the pediatrician and 6 years." Still at the bottom: "From thistles donkey salami album of food lost." THE PRESS - Opening: "Here comes the joker with Europe's 'Eight billion to Italy.'" Editorial by Stefano Lepri: "It is not enough, the spread should decline again." Fotonotizia: "North-West under the snow, and now the frost." Shoulder. "Farewell to President Scalfaro between the two Republics." Below, "Twenty years of war with the Knight," "The courage of solitude." Bottom: "escape after him." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Scalfaro holy, we're there." At the center: "'Lawyers as sharks shipwrecked on.'" Shoulder: "Monti is ready to sell the country to Merkel." Even the shoulder: "Flop Now the government debt creates the fund save Italy." Below: "The era of free choice." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Deregulation, all the news." Marcello Clarich Editorial: "The pitfall of Care in the implementation phase." At the center: "Cause of companies: tax on 300%." Next: "Alarm credit in small shops." Shoulder: "Plan for growth, Europe will try again." Below: "Italy in the Dodgers' North and South are closer." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Taxes, shops in the viewfinder." Below: "The Union seeks the agreement on budget pact", "Moavero: 'The growth in Europe is listening". Still on top: "Farewell to the President of Scalfaro 'I'm there.'" Comment by Stefano Cappellini: "Choices in the seven years that have divided the Hill." At the center: "Lazio again, slows the Rome". Next: "'No to immigrants only Italian citizens by birth." Below: "A motorbike stolen every hour." Next: "The new opportunities for young people? Work and retirement with reality. " TIME - Opening: "Banks and insurance Liberalisation of the PDL." Above: "The Oscars of the 'I'm there' and turnaround." Editorial by Mario Sechi, "Merkel takes the field in Italy?". At the center, fotonotizia: "A unified network measures 'strong' Sarkozy." Shoulder: "The Survival of political unknowns." Below: "Three points of gold pearl Lazio." UNITY '- Opening: "Man of the Constitution." Above: "The unions Fornero: the priority are precarious." Comment by Guglielmo Epifani: "That taboo of the newspapers." Analysis of Massimo D'Antoni: "The factor of inequality." Below: "Djokovic beats Nadal in the final infinite"; "Parliamentarians arrive cuts: less than 1800 euros in payroll," "Immigrants dirty work." (IlVelino / AGV)

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