giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

BBC News - At the opening of "tax shelter for funds from the party." Next: "Mountains and the hard place: 'A monotony.'" Editorial Pierluigi Battista, "What kind of criticism ...." At the center, fotonotizia: "Trains stuck in the snow for hours on board prisoners." Shoulder: "Maid, hotels, gyms here all the new entries redditometro". Below: "The judge must answer is wrong?". Below: "Metro C, the unfinished more expensive in Europe." Still down: "The match ends in a massacre in Egypt." THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Mountains, the permanent position no longer exists." Next: "the mystery of Margaret 13 million." Editorial Claudio Tito: "The truths that are missing." At the center, "Napolitano hard with Baptists: 'Come back and served her sentence.'" At the center, fotonotizia: "Frost records, trains blocked: Come to save." Shoulder: "the courage to build a better life." Below: "The silence of the curfew Scampia prisoner." Still down: "In billion Wall Street super-powers of Facebook." THE PRESS - Opening: "Italy frost transport chaos." Editorial by Maurizio Molinari: "Bringing Facebook on Wall Street." Above, fotonotizia: "Egypt, crazy stadium More than seventy deaths in clashes between fans." At the center: "Young people, not fixed in place." Next: Fiat Spa and Industrial 'exceptional year'. " Below: "Farewell to the poet of everyday life." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Hunting the 223 million left to devour." Above: "Monti promises: in 2013 I retire." Vittorio Felt Editorial: Now we return to proportional representation. "At the center, fotonotizia:" Six hundred passengers left to freeze. "Shoulder:" And we are too smart even the horns " . Below: "Brembate, revolt against the pm 'is not the killer, go away'." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The spread BTP-Bund 383 falls." Editorial by Roberto Napolitano: "The return". Shoulder: "Effect Chrysler accounts of Fiat doubled profits." At the center: "Mount the fixed place is gone." Shoulder: "Stop EU-NYSE-Deutsche Borse 'too strong in the derivatives'." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "The permanent position is monotonous." Immediately below, "Lusi expelled from the Democratic Party, the yellow of the money disappeared." Editorial Massimo Martinelli: "The city still calls security." At the center, fotonotizia: "Heart Lazio, AC Milan AS Roma fell wrought: too many mistakes." At the center: "Rome, four robberies within hours hurt the director of a supermarket." At the center, fotonotizia: "Italy frost, snow trains into chaos at the gates of the capital." Below: "The last shame of Baptists." Next: "The women all sex and no children exist only in certain bestseller." TIME - Opening: "The arraffatutto". Editorial by Mario Sechi: "Super Mario Merkel as German." At the center, fotonotizia: "Shot in jewelry in the heart." Shoulder: "Ladies and prejudice to forgive lackeys." Below: "With the bulldozer against traffic wardens." UNITY '- Opening: "Free the RAI." Comment by Vittorio Emiliani: "The government will strike." The proposed mast Antonello: "Rating mafia here's how." Above: "The PD group expels Lusi 'Now outside the party.'" Still on top: "The social partners seek an agreement. But Monti insists on Article 18 ". Below: "Two other robberies in Rome, the capital feels insecure." Always at the bottom: "The Hill Baptist insult Napolitano: 'Discounts punishment.'" THE DAILY FACTS - Opening: "Villas and saunas at our expense." Editorial by Mark Labor: "A law on political parties." At the center: "'Fixed pocket, how boring': But it's mountains or B.?". Bottom: Football in Egypt invasion and the guerrilla: 70 dead. " Still at the bottom: "All the secrets of Eluana Bellocchio's film." (IlVelino / AGV)

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