martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "Italy frost warning for gas." Next: "The Greek government will cut 15 thousand." Editorial by Michele Salvati, "Angela Giussano". At the center, fotonotizia: "The glacial lagoon and the return of wolves." Shoulder: "Fornero and Clerks attack on permanent position and 'mama's boys', protests broke out over the Internet." Below: "Clint and challenged the spot 'pro-Obama'?". THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Italy frost, gas emergency." Next: "Just fixed place close to mom, new controversy." Miguel Gotor editorial: "The stereotypes of engineers." At the center: "Margaret, four years of financial statements rigged". Below: "When you get married to your best friend." Still down: "Contador doped, canceled his triumphs." THE PRESS - Opening: "Gas, emergency plan at the start." Editorial by Gianni Riotta: "The snow, a case of 'national self-awareness." Above, fotonotizia: "Syria, the escape of the embassies." At the center: "Clerks: young 'mama's boys.'" Shoulder: "Clint and discuss the ad that makes America" THE JOURNAL - Opening: "And 'Tremonti was to give the coup de grace to Silvio." Above: "Here's who to thank if we remain frost." Shoulder: big babies or mama's boys? No, lazy. " At the center, fotonotizia: "Berlusconi's outburst: 'How ungrateful'" Bottom: "The Margherita is dried: made-up accounts for 5 years" ". IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Gas, triggered the emergency plan." Editorial by Gian Maria Gros-Pietro: "Energy Policy in Search of an Author." Shoulder: 'Athens yields on sacrifices to unlock aid. BTP-Bund spread to 373 ". At the center: "Mountains: no to exasperation at work." Shoulder: "It's not just the fault of Greece." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Take the gas emergency." Immediately below, "Rome, schools still closed, was a disaster for Lazio." Editorial Piero Alberto Capotosti: "The reforms a good opportunity for the parties." At the center: "the illusion permanent employment". In a riqaudro: Funds disappeared in the former Margaret. The Democratic Party expels Lusi: it is incompatible. Below: "From Clint a tribute to Obama, the U.S. is divided on Chrysler commercials." Next: "De Rossi, big-contract and challenge 'Rest because I want to win here.'" TIME - Opening: "Italy on the barrel of frozen gas." Editorial by Mario Sechi, "A giant with feet of clay." At the center, fotonotizia: "A drive? The illusion of mama's boys ". Shoulder: "Rome, lacking fruit and vegetables, ice remains on the street." Below: "Lusi downloaded; incompatible with the Democratic Party." UNITY '- Opening: "isolated countries and other deaths. Now is the gas alarm. " Comment by Francis Cundari: "The strategy dell'irrisione". Above: "Lusi expelled from the Democratic Party, the accounting oversight in the crosshairs of Pm". Below: "Athens on the verge of default in the bread line." THE DAILY FACT - Opening: "The sack of Rome." Editorial by Mark Labor: "Pass the salt". At the center: "Berlusconi is back on track and start the race to the Quirinal." Bottom: Lusi expelled from the Democratic Party. Reviewers: Fireworks accounting since 2007. " Still down: "EU, 220 million blocked in Sicily." (IlVelino / AGV)

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