giovedì 22 marzo 2012


INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "I do not the PD, the CGIL in the streets". Under the two opening comments, that of Roberto Maroni and Maurizio Sacconi titled "In the name of Marco Biagi" and that of Pietro Ichino, "imperfect but it works." Right: "Who is (not) defend the copyright." Left editorial Michele Salvati, "The agitation of the soul." A centropagina fotonotizia the "Siege of Toulouse in the night the killer." At the center: "Ambush UDC councilor." Right bottom: "Order, Islam: the presidential to a breakthrough." Far right: "Now we find a place for Stephen." In footings: "Via Poma, the illusion of a DNA test." Below: "Between palaces, poisons and complaints, the Mess of SIAE." Next: "For Sims 'ghost' Telecom under investigation." THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Democratic Party and the CGIL in Monti: Stop." Left editorial Tito Boeri and Pietro Garibaldi: "The reform of the leopard." On the left below the background: "Law and Order, the last battle." Eugenio Scalfari shoulder: "When a film is about the first murder in Italy." Fotonotizia center: "Siege of Toulouse to the killers 'Dog dissolved Al Qaeda'." At the center of Turin, six shots at UDC councilor. " Further down: "Contracts and clinics, new storm of German and Pd Puglia". In footings: "The degree will not be all equal." Below: "Via Poma, start all over again, the DNA on the body of three men." Bottom right: "The Pirelli recalls Ambrosoli but the son is not invited." THE PRESS - Opening: "Labour, Pd stop in Monti." Top left: "Torino, shot in the center of the former mayoral candidate. Mystery on the motive. " Top far right: "Five shots in the house." On the right, always on top: "The cameras reveal two suspects." To the left of Frederick Geremicca editorial: "A dead end for the party Bersani". Below: "And Camusso appeals to Parliament." Boxino the center of Confindustria: "Today has between Squinzi and Bombassei". Fotonotizia center: "Toulouse, endless siege to the Islamic killers." Below: "Our two daily nightmares." Below the heading of Maximum Gramellini: "Unbeknownst to them." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Panic among the state". At the center fotonotizia: "France: blitz to catch the killer of Toulouse" and underneath two editorials. The first is Magdi Cristiano Allam: "Other than Nazi-killing is a 'son' of Al Qaeda", the second of Nirenstein Flame "that Europe's most anti-Semitic crazed killer". Left editorial Nicola Porro: "Farewell consultation but they pay the companies." To the right of Victor Felts Francesco Caltagirone Bellavista: "Forgot to 73 years in jail. As a Boss ". Bottom center: "Yellow sull'agguato UDC councilor." Boxino right: "Feltrinelli and Pasolini: the plotters back to the office." In the column footings Marcello Veneziani: "The poets write but not read." FREE - Opening: "The only fired? Entrepreneurs ". Left editorial Maurizio Belpietro Opening with the title. Top right: "With a shirt Bersani Diliberto sent to the graveyard." Right lower: "Freccero insults, we will respond with the good wishes." At the center fotonotizia: "The health of Puglia Vendola hurts." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Fund for the over 58 who lose their jobs." In a boxino centered under the opening two articles: "Napolitano 'brakes' on the decree" and "Thus Italy has (almost) implemented all the signs of the ECB." Shoulder: From insurance to new businesses, here is what will change. " Below, right again: "General, capital increase only for a major expansion." Left by Alessandro Leipold editorial: "Europe and Italy, the obligation to do." Besides other publishing Buraschi Andrea and Luigi Zingales: "Transparency, medicine necessary for the derivatives." Bottom center: "In London, the record of tax cuts to businesses." To the right a series of articles: "Usually the plan of airports: eighteen airports at risk of closure", "The efficiency of the 1,475 hospitals in the report cards of the ministry," "Toulouse, police besieged the killer. He was preparing to strike again ";" Today Confindustria choose the nominee for President "and" Ambush in Turin in a coma Musy, UDC councilor. ". THE MESSENGER - Opening: "No Article 18 in the state." Editorial by John Sabbatucci: "The left at a crossroads." Top right: "Liberalization, alarm banks, eighty thousand redundancies are likely." Left photo news: "Toulouse, siege killer: 'He wanted to strike again.'" At the center of the page, on right: "Via Poma, the truth of the experts." Below: "Twenty years without certainties." Right lower: "Turin, patrol advisor udc, investigations of 'personal motives'." Below: "Tonino Guerra, the poet of Fellini who converted to advertising." Bottom center: "The duffer of 58 million copies." Right bottom: "From the runways to the royal palace, Kate raised the drapery to life." TIME - Opening: "Great reform, here's the proof: CGIL strike and Pd s'accoda". Editorial by Mario Sechi, "Napolitano will save the Democratic Party from itself." Marlowe's shoulder editorial with the title of opening. In two comments: Paolo Cirino Pomicino with "Benefits and Pitfalls of a proposal 'original'" and Francis Damato with "Those claims impatient all'erto hill." Below: "Farewell to the poet of optimism." UNITY '- In the opening fotonotizia: "We're not." Left Claudio Sardo editorial: "The battle for change." Under the analysis of Massimo D'Antoni: "The false ideology." Bottom left: "Turin, lurking in the UDC group leader. 'Motive unclear.' " Bottom center: "Too many judges with two jobs." Below: "The killers of children: 'I am Al Qaeda.'" Right bottom: "Tonino Guerra, the poet who liked to Fellini and Antonioni." THE DAILY FACT - At the opening: "We're all fired." Left editorial Stephen Felts: "Was it worth it?". Shoulder, Marco Travaglio editorial: "Mussels Polite". At the center: "Slap Bersani". Lower down the middle: "Ambush in political UDC, four gun shots." Right bottom: "The killers of al Qaeda and the breath of France." (IlVelino / AGV)

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