mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "'Privacy violated and too many taxes'. Double charge for taxes. " Editorial by Sergio Rizzo: "Entrepreneurs where they are." "In the middle: Working background to leave first." At the center fotonotizia: "Inter bids farewell to Europe." Shoulder: "If Mountains and Merkel (eventually) you understand." Below: "The long Italian hot spring". THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "The Fornero attack the unions." Below: "Taxes, honest super-taxed and privacy at risk." Editorial Claudio Tito: "The ambush of the policy." Barbara Spinelli's comment: "The iron law of oligarchy". Below: "The new guys on the road hitchhiking with a single click." Next: "We return to the happiness of farm animals." THE PRESS - Opening: "Monti-Merkel, board anti-crisis". Above: "The Court of Auditors: 'The tax tartassa abiding citizens.'" Editorial by Stefano Lepri: "Out of danger only with the growth." Below: "The Margaret asks ten million Lusi." Still down: "Turn EU: it is also one among gay family." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "They won the gays." Above: "Too many taxes, too many spies The Italian tax authorities has become worse than Big Brother." Editorial by Nicola Porro: "It takes a revolution to free the taxpayers." At the center, fotonotizia: "Sarkozy joins the fray Julia." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Monti-Merkel, anti-crisis pact". Below: "Work, Fornero challenge the unions." Editorial by Guido Gentile: "Zerovirgola to defend." Editorial Plateroti Alexander: "We avoid making messes." Shoulder: "You: so I brought the Rai in profit in 2011." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Fornero challenge the unions." Oscar Giannino Editorial: "The Dodgers subjects and the rule of law." At the center, fotonotizia: "Axis of Mountains and Merkel 'Focus on Growth'." Always at the center: "'Dual alarm about the new IRS' Privacy at risk and too many taxes. '" Below: "Taxi investigation into blocks savages." Below: "My perfume essence for the Pope alone among the woods and music." TIME - Opening: "The real is the German panzer Fornero". Editorial by Mario Sechi: "The crisis is over? It 'a fairy tale. " At the center, fotonotizia: "We think Angela and Mario growth." Still at the center: "'The tax is intrusive and taxes are a record." Below: "They wanted to rape her in the subway." UNITY '- Opening: "Paccata of government." Above: "Monti promises ahead of justice and corruption." Still on top: "After the case of Brindisi regasification Trieste says no." THE DAILY FACT - At the opening: "Dell'Utri, all the lies of the indictment." At the center, fotonotizia: "When I was paying kickbacks to Letta account of B.". Editorial by Mark Labor: "The togas ignorant." Below: "Monti-parties: The War of the Buttons". (IlVelino / AGV)

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