martedì 10 aprile 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "League, time moving backwards." Under the opening two articles on same theme: "So maroniani prepare the assault" and "The driver-ATM and the secrets of trout." Right: "The things that prevents us from understanding the crisis" Lucrezia Reichlin. Left editorial Angelo Panebianco, "Who feeds the anti-politics". At the center, fotonotizia: "Monti moved to the museum of the Holocaust." Under review by Franco Venturini: "The threat that we see." Shoulder: "Alfano: IMU only for 2012. The Inland Revenue no surprises, early summit with Prime Minister ". Right Comment by Antonio Polito: "And give up right away to the one hundred million." Below: "Ducati and Valentino: Whose fault is it?". Two boxini at bottom of page: "The yield of Balotelli, the sample bad that England wants to put away" and "buy Facebook for a billion pictures of the social network". THE REPUBLIC - Opening: League, Bossi Jr. also resigned. " Under the background of the opening Andrea Montanari: "'Bobo leaders acclaim immediately.'" Shoulder: "France Deep Marine Le Pen." Left: "'Money to parties, by tomorrow the new rules.'" Lower left Ilvo Diamonds comment: "The Provisional Republic." At the center: "TV, the government conducted the auction of frequencies." Under the analysis of Mario Pirani: "The German model of reform." A centropagina fotonotizia: "Miriam Mafai, a life in the trenches of journalism and civil wars." Below: "Parents, yes, the leave up to 18 children." Next: "The battle between the giants of the patents in America." In small bass boxino: "Israel: Grass is not acceptable." THE PRESS - Opening: "The day of reckoning in the League" with the sequence of photos with which Renzo Bossi takes money from the driver. Top left: "Pirates in the Ligurian Sea, the Yellow Portofino". Top middle: "'The true punishment of Gunter Grass'". Top right: "Farewell to Miriam Mafai". Left editorial Ugo Magri: "Mountains, the diplomacy of the scale." Right: "Rosi, is now leaving thieving Rome". Far right: "Meredith-Amanda, the latest appeal comes in the library." A centropagina: "'Spending down but will cut taxes." Below: "North-East, from small businesses here are the first signs of recovery." Below: "Balo and Vale, lost heroes of Italian sport." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Parties super-rich." Victor Felts editorial with the title of opening. Under the title: "Chaos League to leave Renzo Bossi. A short step back Mauro Rosi ". To the right of Alexander Sallusti editorial: "Better that infamous idiot." At the center fotonotizia with two titles: "Two or three things that Elsa says on pensions" and "Four reasons for the end of the idyll-Italian Mountains." Bottom left: "From a Reguzzoni Gobbo, the Northern League, which will end in the blacklist of Maroni." At the bottom of the page heading of Marcello Veneziani: "Mario is not what you think." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Work, the game changes." Above: "Wall Street loses 1, 1% on concerns the recovery." Shoulder: "Renzo Bossi resigns, Calderoli: Mauro must now leave Rosy." Left editorial Guido Gentile: "The absolute priority". Right, the point of Stefano Folli: "The king beheaded." Below: Maroni take-all in the province. " A centropagina: "The 'narrow' runs the factoring". Bottom center: "Miriam Mafai, the courage of the testimony without confrontation." Three titles on the right: "In China, inflation jumped to 3.6% driven by energy and food," "Ten thousand cuts in sight for Sony" and "Here comes the new electronic residence permit". FREE - Opening: "League, other suspects." Left Maurizio Belpietro editorial: "The strength of the Po Valley." At the center fotonotizia: "After the father, here is the trout, 'I resign'." Right: "Woe to the policy that expects the prosecutor." Under the opening: "Now it's Rosi (and Fini)". Left lower: "But the magic circle test the backlash." Bottom center: "Too many taxes, smuggling explodes." Still down two other titles: "The child soldiers who eat insects and defy the Burmese" and "The Communist who explained the Communists." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "He resigned Bossi's son." Top left: "Public funding: 'New rules for political parties.'" Below: "Then fix the voting system." Under the opening two league titles on: "The parable of the young trout, tissues from a console Lumbard" and "Men and women of the clan, here is the cast of the saga valley." At the center of news photos: "Mountains: atrocious racial laws". Next to the right: "Labour reform in the Senate, the government open to change." Far right: "Hollande: Crisis, Rights and the Internet, a new France with me." Bottom left: "Less TV, Sony dismisses". Bottom center: "Miriam Mafai, uncomfortable voice of the left". Bottom right: "The Wrath of Valentino against Ducati, divorce in sight on two wheels." TIME - Opening: "So you have eaten the cake." Left Mario Sechi's editorial: "Pitchfork and wallet." At the center fotonotizia: "The trout jump, Rosi in the balance". Below: "Dynasty of magic, boss and lover." At right, two comments, Francis Damato with "The maneuver provided it remains all the same" with Guarini and Roger "The original sin of Italy". Below: "Companies on the barricades for the Reform of labor." Right bottom: "Raped and robbed by a retiree." Bottom two fotonotizie: "Mancini download Balotelli. And he called Prandelli "," Valentino Rossi furious: 'The Ducati does not go well.' " UNITY - Opening: "Funds of political parties, reform blitz '. At the center fotonotizia: "Trout jumped." Left Claudio Sardo editorial: "The financial statements first step." Under the analysis of Umberto De Giovannangeli: "Middle East and Italy." Bottom left: "Reform work, yes to changes on forward contracts." Bottom four titles: Alfredo Reichlin pays tribute to Miriam Mafai: "Italy without Miriam", then "Drugs on the rise among U.S. soldiers", "From TV to Wikileaks Putin" and "The Unite union: the Army esodati awaits answers. " THE DAILY FACT - At the opening: "They talk about reform but do not give up a dollar." To the left of Catherine Perniconi editorial: "Rosy the black First on the list." On the right editorial Marco Labor: "An eye to the fraud." At the center: "The last cry of Guttuso before he died." Bottom three stories: "The bold stroke of INPS: the 'silent taxpayers'", "The court case itself" and "Miriam Mafai, red and free the girl." (IlVelino / AGV)

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