martedì 8 maggio 2012


INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "crash PDL and Lega, the shock of
Cricket". Below: "If it falls too Carroccio of Bethlehem", "Early
elections go away." Editorial by Massimo Franco: "Do not look for
excuses." At the center: "The return of Leoluca Orlando: 20 years
after triumphs in Palermo Verona, Tosi in the first round." In a box:
"The political isolation of the North". At bottom: "Genoa, the specter
of terrorism."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Municipal, the collapse of the PDL."
Editorial by Massimo Giannini: "Another policy." A centropagina:
"Monti warned: do not accept blackmail", "The party of 5 stars 'And
now the Parliament'", "The Knight disappeared." Always at the center:
"Genoa, struck terror nightmare managers Ansaldo". Below: "The return
of ghosts armed." At bottom: "Greece, the chaos after the election the
government is impossible"; "It goes to Berlin Hollande dreaming of a
new Deal" ".

THE PRESS - Top: "kneecapped an executive Ansaldo". Next: "Back to the
Past worse." At the opening: "Fall League and PDL, boom Grillo".
Maximum Gramellini editorial: "A no parties, no politics." Below, two
more comments: "The vote does not help that the government", "The
bank-Pd against the aggravation." Still at the center: "The bags are
betting on the efforts undertaken in Europe." In a box: "It is the
opinion of the true leaders." Below: "Andrea Agnelli is the badge of

THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Faceman election." Editorial by Victor Felts:
"Revenue from crying? It touches the comedian. " At the center:
"Manager kneecapped back in Genoa City street terror". Below: "The
epidemic of anti-Greek power."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Europe-Italy, protest and desire for
growth." Editorial by Roberto Napolitano: "No more excuses." In a box:
"That gap between the moderates." Shoulder: "clear message to
political forces." At the center: "Brussels opens to Spain and
promises more flexibility." Below: "kneecapped the head of Ansaldo
Nuclear". In a box: "The worst awakening." Next: "Password:

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Protest is growing, and PDL League
collapsed." In a box: "The fear in the euro area for the exit of
Greece." Editorial Time of Charles: "Those who votes intercepts
discontent." Middle: kneecapped executive Ansaldo investigators:
terrorist act. " Bottom left: "Gasoline, early reductions." Next:
"Road to Freedom Festival Muller". Right bottom: "The rhetoric of the
third star that Juve has not reached".

TIME - Top: "The error of the PDL: minimize". At the opening: "Cricket
is laughing parties are crying." Bass: "Ambush in an executive

THE DAILY FACT - At the opening: "Everyone at home." Antonio Padellaro
editorial: "The turning grillina". On the right, commented Marco
Labor: "Alfanité Bersanité Casinité". At the center, "an executive
kneecapped 'terrorist act'." Below: "Hollande, the anti-Merkel on
mission 'save Europe'." (IlVelino / AGV)

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