lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

The Corriere della sera - Opening "Merkel is now weaker." Below: "From
Dimon Le Pen, here are all the enemies of the single currency". And
"historical teach 'recipes hunger' to the Athenians in crisis."
Editorial by Michael Ainis "Better a few things that a further delay."
With fotonotizia below the opening: "Party goodbyes and tears, the
emotions of football." Right: "The Mountains of concern for social
unrest." Bottom left: "Equitalia, the government plan." Below "The
Englishwoman and the ten stab wounds." Besides "Zuckerberg genius

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Crolla Merkel, rejected the austerity". Under
the analysis "The decline of hegemony." Besides "Mountains: something
is changing." With fotonotizia: "Del Piero, with goals and farewell
tears." Left: "Too many social tensions, are unity and courage."
Below: "Terrorism, here's the plan of the interior ministry. And
'controversy about Sergio on TV. " Right: "A farmer at the UN in
defense of the tribes." Below: "That tax paid twice, the victory of
the families" Next: "The guys with the backpack will save the future
of books."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Germany, Merkel meltdown" Below: "Chancellor
under fire" Next photo "Hannelore Kraft, the woman who defeated
Angela". Still under: "Monti warns social unrest". Below "Wenzhou, the
Chinese with the pizza in the heart." Right: "The question that Curcio
not responding." Below: "NRA Nominating a chance not to be wasted."
Above: "The Captain's farewell. Tears of love on the day of
celebration. "

THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Figure of Merkel" with article by Angelo
Allegri. In the center photo: "The last goal by Del Piero is a
farewell from the book." To the left of Alexander Sallusti editorial:
"Labor pain (with abortion)." At the center of the calls in two
editorials "Marriage? A job that takes two "by Victor Felts and
below:" Rome marching to defend the value of life "of Magdi Cristiano
Allam." Left: "If the teachers give a hand to the slackers." Below the
article in the Monday of Francesco Alberoni "Dear boys, studied
economics than love."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Contracts, a strict rules." Editorial by
George Santilli "Who better than cheap is expensive". At the center "A
rain of hidden increases." Under "New Redditometro, ask the reference
categories." Still down: "Headhunters? Now the prey is the artisan of
luxury. " Top left, "Pa Payments of: respect for time is worth 5
billion GDP." Under "From technology to chemical SMEs awarded abroad."
Followed by: "The textile industry under pressure may escalate
closures." Still under "Evidence of simplification from the bars to
trade." And "World market Immobiliare two faces".

THE MESSENGER - Opening: Germany, Merkel collapses. " By analyzing
Alssandro De Lellis "Punished rigor without growth, the triumph of the
anti-Angela Kraft." Left editorial Francesco Paolo Casavola "Reforms
to make the final call." Besides cutting the central "Lazio, who
regret. Rome: Montella hours. " Central cut but right "Mountains:
social unrest" Down with photos: "March for Life in Rome, is
controversial." At the bottom of the investigation "Anarchists, is
investigating 40 names. Even foreigners among the attackers. " And
next: "The great fear of modern times is to remain isolated without
the phone."

TIME - Opening: "Merkel defeat. And mountains in the morning "with
editorial Mario Sechi. At the center, fotonotizia: "Nothing the
Champions League Lazio will play in Europe." Right dall'lato: "The
head of the Bundesbank called 'Doktor Nein'." Under "For Equitalia is
difficult to collect the debts." Followed by: "Vote seven days ago,
Palermo still counts." Below "Dear Aldo Grasso, at least I do not
destroy" by Federico Moccia and next, "Polanski says and does not pay
for the rape." (IlVelino / AGV)
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