martedì 15 maggio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: Europe seeks a plan under fire. Editorial
by Antonio Polito: Illusions and ambiguities. At the center
fotonotizia: The parties and the boarding of pirates and "Government
employees? Too many permits and low productivity. " In a box:
Napolitano: election law and inescapable Bossi says yes to Secretary
Maroni. In low-cut: Berlusconi court against judges

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: Black Monday stock market, flies spread.
Middle: League, Bossi will not surrender Maroni and Welfare Secretary,
targeted aid to the disabled. In a reminder: Rome, found other bones
near the coffin of De Pedis. In low-cut: With the fallen Saviano and
Fazio of the crisis on TV and Padua, one day at school with aspiring

THE PRESS - Opening: "Europe scares Bags. Editorial by Stefano Lepri:
The threat of bluff and Greece. At the center fotonotizia: The Italian
sea is always bluer. Eternit in the center, from January 35 killed in
Casale, reportage: Fear and pain among the damned of mesothelioma and
an interview with the Minister of Health Balduzzi: "In 2020 there will
be a spike in deaths." In low-cut: "We beat the crisis" and "We occupy
a kind of La7"

THE JOURNAL - Opening: Monti is not saved in the center fotonotizia:
Saviano Fazio hours and find that entrepreneurs are heroes. Shoulder:
Bossi cries and leaves Maroni: "I have no choice, he'll be the
leader." At the bottom of the page heading of Marcello Veneziani: If
you present a book without your knowledge

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: Greece and derivatives sink the stock. To
the left of the intervention Carlo Azeglio Ciampi: The bitter urgency
to act. Top: Equitalia, cut to the study of 2% on the premium. Middle:
Vegas: more power to Consob. Stefano Folli of the shoulder point: The
narrow path of Mountains

THE MESSENGER - Opening: The Greek crisis sinks the stock. Editorial
by Marco Fortis: Merkel has lost twice. At the center fotonotizia:
found the remains of De Pedis other bones around the coffin and
Expectations and permits cost 151 million. In low-cut: A steals lasce
tricolor for weddings. The Capitol to his councilors, return them

TIME - Opening: Greece robin: technical government with the editorial
by Mario Sechi. At the center fotonotizia: Obama: Wall Street reform

THE DAILY FACT - Opening: Euro, Greece almost out Monti does not smile
anymore. Shoulder: You give me an armchair by Marco Travaglio. In a
reminder: Merkel-Kraft, Berlin derby

MF - Stop the spread of dictatorship. Top: Milan, the city is 500
million Gallery and Salvatore Ferragamo is growing at double digit

ITALY TODAY - Opening: AML with the filter. In low-cut: Reformation
orders, it takes a law.
Source ( / AGV)

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