martedì 29 maggio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

THE INSIDE OF THE EVENING - Opening: The investigation involves division and blue. Piero Ostellino Editorial: Putting people. Top: Interview with Brad Pitt: "I mean Nanni Moretti: Use the film is not finished." Middle: The Butler and the network of crows. In a reminder: Dear Hollande. France will play its part as against Assad in Libya? Bernard-Henri Lévy. Right: Terrorism the courage to call him by name Pietro Ichino. In low-cut: There were abuses: teachers and acquitted in a box the letter Angelino Alfano: Reforms, takes a shot on the calendar to do so. THE REPUBLIC-In Hours: Betting, earthquake in football. Middle: the Vatican, the great war of the IOR. In a reminder: "No asylum abuse" all absolved in Rignano protesting parents. In low-cut: He dressed in Western punished with death. Shoulder: Indianapolis is the heart of America's fastest Alessandro Baricco. THE JOURNAL - Opening: Feet (almost) clean. Victor Felts Editorial: Vote early, the last illusion of a Pd over. At the center fotonotizia: "Fini Minzo can not gag." In cutting down the column Cuckoo Marcello Veneziani: The tragic loneliness of the Pope's shoulder in a reminder: Asylum of Horrors, the only justice is doomed. THE PRESS - Opening: Betting, Series A into chaos. At the center fotonotizia Rignano, all acquitted: there was no violence on children. Shoulder: Purchases of State in the hands of Bondi and the June 12 start of the cuts. In low-cut: the Hello Massimo grains: Mrs. Maestra. IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: Football crack at risk: losses of 428 million. Middle: The case Bankia scares Spain. Shoulder: Challenge for Broadband: Telecom Metroweb agreement CDP-on alone; Squinzi: Pa are not enough credits for 30 billion and plan for spendine review: 4.2 billion cuts in June. THE MESSENGER - Opening: Match-fixing, storm football. Editorial Piero Mei: Betrayed again. Middle: Kindergarten Rignano, all acquitted. In a box: Cardinals questioned about the "crow" in the Vatican. In low-cut: Ministries, cap on purchases. TIME - Opening: rigged games, real money The ball ends up in jail. Editorial by Mario Sechi: The Unbearable Lightness of parties. Above: No monster in kindergarten: all acquitted. At the center fotonotizia: Battle of the cardinals. Always at the center: New condanante Br but not for terrorism. In low-cut: Public housing, the free ride is over. THE DAILY FACT - Opening: Football in jail. Shoulder: Technical Italian Marco Travaglio. Middle: the party was born Fiom "At policies will be there." MF - Napolitano tow the new tax. Spending review, Bondi cut rents paid by the Pa. ITALY TODAY - Opening: Debt Soft. Middle: The Vatican gendarme looks for other crows One thing is certain: Bertone out lame. In low-cut: 730, documents by June. (IlVelino / AGV)

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