giovedì 31 maggio 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "'We do not want to leave our houses.'" Editorial by Gian Antonio Stella: "Things to do, mistakes to avoid." At the center: "Obama, EU crisis summit with Monti, Merkel and Hollande." Below: "The families who march on Milan." THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Inquiry into the massacre of the workers." Below: "Spain, down the shaft of the BTP Bags evil." Editorial by Barbara Spinelli: "Once there was too much Europe". Shoulder: "The sadness of the Pope: 'On my free inferences Church'". " Below: "Revolution in Genoa, the junta is pink Doria" THE PRESS - Opening: "The Emila try get up." Editorial by Mario Deaglio: "Companies should not fall down". Next: "US-EU, Spain Summit". Shoulder, commentary by Mario Calabresi: "The protagonists of our future" IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The damage of the earthquake rose to 5 billion." Under "Save-States in aid of the banks." Editorial by Carlo Bastasin: "Europe is now united with Emilia." Shoulder: "Climbing Unipol-Bnl: acquitted on appeal Fazio and Caltagirone". Below: "presidentialism, doubts Napolitano: 'Pay attention to the new balance'" THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Earthquake in Emilia, higher gas prices have". Luigi Manconi editorial: "The lesson of those who believe in the work." At the center: "Buffon against Pm: blitz shameful. Mauri interrogated denies the allegations. " Always at the center: "Unipol-Bnl, acquitted Fazio and Caltagirone". Below: "The Madoff Sentenced Parioli, 4 ½ years for bankruptcy." Below: "Vatican defends Pope Bertone full confidence in my team." TIME - Opening: "Genius technology: increase the gasoline." Editorial by Mario Sechi: "From the parade to the shot." At the center, fotonotizia: "In simple ceremonies do not take off the Arrows." ". Shoulder: "The Spanish chasm swallows one hundred billion." Below: "off backboards. Stations on tilt " THE DAILY FACT - Opening: "The disaster, the parade." At the center: "Before he died, he said: 'Another shock and everything collapsed.'" Editorial by Furio Colombo: "The shows do not." Editorial by Mark Labor: "A country without his knowledge." At the center: "Buffon insulting judges, s'indaga of Naples-Samp" (ilVelino / AGV)

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