mercoledì 6 giugno 2012

Italian newspapers front pages.

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: The economic crisis cuts the income tax. Editorial by Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi: The direction is wrong. Middle: The duty to play well, Sara, and miracle in Paris Those meetings suspects the butler in the list two cardinals. In low-cut: "The clinical Maugeri paid politicians". In two panels: The testament of Don Verzè: "Excuse me, let problems" and "Those who work do so at your own risk" disclaimers in case companies THE REPUBLIC - Opening: IMU, here's where you pay more. Middle: Emilia, the CGIL against companies "Workers at the factory without guarantees" and Bersani: the vote in 2013 but the crisis threatens the PDL. In a reminder: Among the rebels waste THE PRESS - Opening: Taxes, lack 3.5 billion. At the center fotonotizia: U.S. President Clinton and accuse Europe: "The recession is not your fault." In a box: For the judges responsibility only "indirect". Below the heading of Maximum Gramellini: Overtime THE JOURNAL - Opening: the recipe fails taxes. Middle: Earthquake in Emilia, someone knew. In a reminder: Obama does not say that this crisis is "made in America". In cutting down the book Marcello Veneziani: The Talking Cricket and the right is missing IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: Revenue, missing 3.4 billion. Fabrizio Forquet Editorial: The ambition to recover. Top: Double steps for esodati. Middle: Banks, Madrid for help to the EU and the Manifesto: The courage of Eurobonds to create the "Greater Europe" by Jacques Delors. Shoulder of the investigation: Bets fall and the State does not pay: six months, then closes THE MESSENGER - Taxation, warning on revenue. Mario Del Pero Editorial: Why is Obama attacking Europe. At the center fotonotizia: Zeman, is a festive red and yellow. Always at the center: The government indirect liability for the judiciary and the Vatican investigation of the truth of the former butler raven. In low-cut: The health dell'imperdiagnosi unnecessary expenses at the time and denied assistance. In a box: Earthquake bursts liberating the case TIME - Opening: In crises, including taxes. Editorial by Mario Sechi: The jukebox does not sound Fonzie Mountains. Above: To vote you will use the remote control. At the center fotonotizia: Discaricati: "No waste" Revolt in the street. In low-cut: Zeman: I bring you a clean football " THE DAILY FACT - Opening: Banda Bassotti. Di Marco's shoulder trouble; Agcommedia Italian. At the center in a box: Obama to Europe: "The crisis will help you" ITALY TODAY - Opening: Taxes on homes abroad. In low-cut: Professionals, companies associated MF - Opening: Showdown on the game state. Below: Revenue down. The CNEL wants tagliadebito and Spain for help in Brussels. (IlVelino / AGV)

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