lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Italian newspapers front pages

INSIDE THE NIGHT - Opening: "The vote of Greece Europe to breathe." Left Marcello Messori editorial: "The third ceasefire". Shoulder: "The great fear that has changed the political scene." At the center fotonotizia: "In Nigeria, a new massacre of Christians." Right: "Reform of labor: voltage hypothesis and PDL-Pd confidence." Rightmost bottom two boxini: "Quick payment IMU" and an article by Pietro Ichino: "My accounts (and tips) on esodati". Bottom center: "Brothers of Italy try to win." Right: "How strange to meet head on vacation." THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Greece: the euro will remain." Shoulder: "The Republic of Ideas, in Piazza Bologna four days of passion", followed by an editorial by Ezio Mauro: "Together in the future." Left by Andrea Bonanni editorial: "But the emergency is not over." Below, the analysis of Maurizio Ricci: "The euro and the knots to untie." A centropagina: "Nigeria, a new massacre of Christians." Under the opening two titles: "France, the Socialists an absolute majority, and Ségolène Le Pen out" and under "strongman" of Marc Lazar. Bottom: Jobs, but pressing Fini parties dictate the conditions. The League: 'War all'Imu.' " Next, the operation of Angelo Scola: "The horizons of Church and Islam." At the bottom of page four titles. Left: "University, the mockery of the fees, ask for more than 36 universities have" and Farewell to Rodney King beating her inflamed Los Angeles. " Right: "The match against Italy double Trapattoni's Ireland" and "Rai, former Colombo pm associations between the candidates." THE PRESS - Opening: "Greece, the party won per euro." Left Gianni Riotta editorial: "A crisis to be treated with humility." Under the opening three titles: "Athens, has avoided the catastrophe", "Paris, Assemblée a Le Pen" and "South America, the charge of pre Brics". Boxino center of the page: "Ravens, the Pope knows their identity." Next: "Nigeria, massacres of religion." Below: "Prandelli chasing the cat Trap." THE JOURNAL - Opening: "The euro is safe (for now)." Nicola Porro left editorial with the title of opening. Victor Felts shoulder editorial: "The euro is still a mess with no future." At the center fotonotizia: "The ex-husband wins, she disappears. The life of Ségolène is falling apart. " Comment on the right of Renato Brunetta: "Ride only Germany here as has been enriched." Two titles down, "Fornero, minister-teacher who knows only bacchettare" and Magdi Cristiano Allam: "Blessed are the laws against voting to Islam." Below the heading of Francesco Alberoni: "The inability to change that leads to catastrophe." IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The door Imu the first 10 billion." Left editorial Salvatore Padula: "Fragile pact for a fair and simple tax authorities." Shoulder: "Incentives on the house, the sort of restructuring rewards." Below: "The mayors already in the field on the Plans for the city." At the center: "The close on the state." Under a boxino: "In the civil trial on appeal puts the filter in the viewfinder 110 000 appeals." Next: "hi-tech parks, prepared a dowry of 408 million." Right: "The future of the euro area to test three" unions ". Bottom center: "In Basilicata, Calabria and Veneto the cost of living higher." Four titles at the bottom: "In Africa, China takes away space to Italy", "stable business in catering", "uncertain prospects for the Top Stories" and "The loss requires a three-year check-up." THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Greece chose Europe." To the left of John Sabbatucci editorial: "The disaster averted at the polls." Under the opening: "'The pride of the strongest protest.'" Shoulder: "France, Socialist victory, but not for Ségolène." Fotonotizia: "In or out, Italy does not make mistakes." Right: "rating on labor reform battle is in the majority." Below: "PDL between two fires." Right: "Lusi: I run orders, vote no to my arrest." Bottom left: "Nigeria, massacre of Christians." At the bottom center of a boxino: "Dacia Maraini: 'Write with passion.'" Right: "broken femur? Curalo with a trip, here is the balance of tourism orthopedic ". TIME - Opening: "The Euro is safe. Greece is not. " Left Mario Sechi editorial with the title of opening. At the center fotonotizia: "The idea of ​​nation ... football." Three titles on the right: "In the shadow of the war robes of King George", "Fornero the attack as if it were the Thatcher" and "Hollande wins again. The ex-wife loses again. " Below: "The blues truth test." Two boxini at bottom of page: "They kiss in public, reported two gay men for indecent exposure" and "Cialente threat: 'Nails Street Commissioner or I resign.'" UNITY - Opening: "Fear leads to Greece on the right." Left editorial Paolo Soldini: "But now we have to really change." Above: "On the run from the pain: the world of refugees." At right, two titles: "Rai, who serves the government" and "Rights, the Democratic Party a step forward." Below, right: "The labor market? Before the 'esodati.' " Under two titles: "Plan B Monti. Cutting salaries of state "and" Renzi attacks Bersani: tricksy open the Pd ". Bottom, left: "Today Italy tries to defeat the 'biscuit'." On the right title on Nigeria: "Bloody Sunday and lynchings, twenty victims." (IlVelino / AGV)

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