lunedì 30 maggio 2011

berlusconi the other cheek...English version

After the slap in Milan Knight the other cheek in Naples.

But before commenting on the outcome of the elections I remember some prescient statements.

• April 8 Last Word - Daniela Santanche: "We will go ahead in most provinces govern regions .."
• Responding to a reporter who asked a clarification on the fact that shortly before she had uttered the words "cancer and a metastasis of democracy, " referring to the magistrates, the Santanchè replied: "She wants me to make a name? Here it is, if you want a name, I was referring to Boccassini. It marks "The Boccassini is a metastasis. "
• Santanchè issue to Radio24 about Pisapia: "His victory would bring as Leonkavallo at Palazzo Marino, that would be brutal. It would be like taking drugs without ifs or buts: he has always been one who said that the joints do no harm. "

But we are starting to comment on the vote by saying that this election has not lost the Italian right, but Mr Berlusconi himself, who at the beginning of the election campaign drew attention to the political significance of the elections, considering them a test on whether itself.
Test lost heavily.

In fact, the Neapolitans have preferred De Magistris Berlusconi on the bales of trash, while Milan have now chosen to continue Pisapia and tiring Communist accusations against judges.

The vote could also tell us something else, perhaps Italy has understood why the Premier is really into politics, and decided to change. Hopefully for the better.

Now we await the comments of the defeated.

I The Russian advance in the same study said that at the end of the first round: "We lost because of the newspapers and Boccassini ..."

By Ozzy

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