martedì 14 giugno 2011


CORRIERE DELLA SERA - At the opening: "Triumph of yes, a blow to the government." Antonio Polito editorial: "A long season at sunset" and Michael Ainis: "The positive energy of one vote." In the center photo-news: "That joke about the picture erotic" and "The League: get tired of slapping." In low-cut: "If the world falls into the Network (false)" and "Gaddafi keeps in check the forces of NATO."

LA REPUBBLICA - Opening: "Avalanche yes, blow to Berlusconi. Editorial Ezio Mauro, "The Magic Flute" broken ". Shoulder: "Web and the irony that the left ride" and "The spring of youth". In the middle: "The temptation to Bossi government crisis in October." In two boxes: "Bersani: paralysis are not afraid of elections and Northern League, based in revolt: 'Enough with Silvio'." In low-cut: "The map of memories to reconstruct the Eagle" and "The boom in small genes in the super-schools in two years."

LA STAMPA - Opening: "Boom yes, message to the government." Mario Calabresi editorial: "Now we need a strong project and Massimo Gramellini:" A successful without fathers. " Shoulder, "Tremonti targeted the prime minister" and interviews with Ignazio La Russa, Paolo Romani, Rosy Bindi, Umberto Veronesi, Raffaele Lease, Cardinal Vallini, Victor Felts. In the middle: "The League: tired of taking slaps" and "TV defeat, Twitter wins." At the bottom of page: "Marcegaglia: 'Get on the contracts'", "A Lampedusa Tourism runs away" and "Mondonico:' I have not won the tumor."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "To ensure the referendum wins hands" and high-cut, "Marcegaglia unions: 'Meet me, needed the enforceability of agreements,'" "Meomartini: stronger signs of recovery in Milan and "Napolitano: Naples is a shot of pride." Stefano Folli editorial: "In the polls on policy failure." At the center of the photo-news: "S & P downgrades Greece. Athens sees the default. " Shoulder: "Dear Economist, this time you're wrong" and "The industry continues to recover in April by 1 percent increase in production." In low-cut: "The documents, evidence and those who speak without seeing the painting."

IL GIORNALE - Opening: "to pass the referendum. He won the fear ", with editorial Victor Felts. At the center of the photo-news: "That's what happened" and "The Triumph of Vendolí closes the era of reform." Shoulder: "That's what cost us the environmental tales." In two boxes: "Taxes. Tremonti, Mr. pessimist no character "and" Chaos Rai. Fazio, pointing to the cunning double salary. " At the bottom of page: "Look, the left has learned the lesson of populism."

LIBERO - Opening: "Winning the referendum. Botta continued. Silvio open the bag "with editorial Maurizio Belpietro. Middle: "'I never resign'. Vaffa Prime Minister to owls "and" Maroni challenge Bossi. And the 'war on the Northern League. " Shoulder: "Giulio holds the fate of the Cav. But could the place. " At the bottom of page: "Rai Fazio imitates Santoro and kneels."

IL FOGLIO - At the opening on the left: "Look how nervous Beijing, rioting and among independent candidates." At the opening on the right: "Here are a few happy and unhappy about many of the reform tremontiana. Giuliano Ferrara, editor of the center: "The locomotive hippies" and "After the referendum blow."

IL TEMPO - Opening: "The bitter quorum.

L’UNITÀ - Opening full-page photo-news: "Yes. Buongiorno Italy ".

IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO - Opening: "They said just 26,857,425. In opening to the right editorial Marco Travaglio: "Legitimate enjoyment." Below: "Obblighiamoli to vote immediately"

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