giovedì 16 giugno 2011


CORRIERE DELLA SERA - At the opening: "Blackmail, arrested Bisignani." Editorial by Gian Antonio Stella: "Old ancient promises and slogans." Shoulder: "'Elections in Libya to close the war'." In the middle photo-news: "The alarm on the stability of the European Central Bank" and "Maroni: I do not know if you go forward. Summit of the League and Tremonti. " In a box: "'New Government Agenda with Dragons'". In the low-cut, "Brunetta antiprecari. A double fault "and" yes to the first 5 days after the pill ".

LA REPUBBLICA - Opening: "'I watched the prosecutors, and information read'." Left: "Government. Bossi conditions "and" Now the Senatur want electoral reform. " Shoulder: "Anthropology of conformist who escapes from freedom." In the middle photo-news: "Greece scares the EU, protests and clashes in Athens" and "Check the plan for pensions. Women at work up to 65 years. " In the low-cut "insult of Brunetta, minister of the worst".

LA STAMPA - Opening: "Dossier P4, trembles policy" and high-cut: "The League attacks: 'Enough money to Libya,'" "A war has become grotesque" and "impossible to reform the tax." Editorial by Frederick Geremicca: "Yet another storm on the government" and Ugo Magri: "The Knight fears a new '92." Shoulder, "the brunette casual: 'You are worse than Italy'" and "The minister fleeing from reality." In the middle photo-news: "Revolt in the square in Athens, fear for the euro" and in a box: "Piedmont Region, a stumbling block to house the health commissioner Ferrero." At the bottom of page: "Green light for 5 days of the pill" and "Calciopoli, Moggi and Giraudo struck off".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The crisis is threatening Europe Greek" and high-cut: "Reorganization Edison A2A pointing to the agreement with EDF by July." Pierpaolo Benigno editorial: "But you can avoid the default" and Donato Masciandaro, "English Lessons for banks." At the center of the photo-news: "Web Bubble. Pandora Radio debut record on Wall Street. " Shoulder: "Investigation lodge P4 arrested Bisignani, demand for Pope (PDL)" and "asks Berlusconi and Bossi verification provided reassurance about the government." In the low-cut "paths for the IRS Payments" and "Cameron the cutter."

IL GIORNALE - Opening: "garbage also read," with editorial Alessandro Sallusti. At the center of the photo-news: "Big Luciano disbarred, pay for all", "No, it's time to abolish the Order of Journalists" and "Santoro take the field? If you need it and ask me. " Shoulder: "Berlusconi has prepared a new plan to cut taxes" and "Just lower rates for those who escapes without mercy." At bottom: "Journey to a festive and rotten country."

LIBERO - Opening: "500 ideas-tax cuts", with Maurizio Belpietro editorial. At the center of the photo-news: "Now it's up to Gianni Letta", "Bossi Cadrega more than likely the Knight" and "Bersani will take care to keep riding Silvio". Shoulder: "Fini, the magician disappeared with the right" and "Tonino is the lamb the wolf to steal votes." At bottom: "Moggi: I radiate, repent" and "The cards fit Gifts and Gentlemen."

IL TEMPO - Opening: "The secret".

IL FOGLIO - At the opening on the left: "Praise Confindustria and murmurs of opposition to the plan Treasury". At the opening on the right: "Papandreou asked the trust to save Greece from herself." Editorial by Giuliano Ferrara, "Tremonti and politics."

L’UNITÀ - Opening photo-page news to all: "Your Eminence black." In high-cut, "Brunetta insults. The precarious rebel. "

IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO - Opening: "BRUNETTE Minister of insults." In the middle: "P4 arrested ACKAGEBisignani, secret information to read"

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