lunedì 20 giugno 2011


CORRIERE DELLA SERA - At the opening: "Bossi attacks but does not break" with the comment: "The leader of the Northern League became union." Editorial Giuseppe De Rita, "The trap of simplicity." Shoulder: "The anathema of Cameron on absent fathers." In the middle photo-news: "Angelina is taking fingerprints" and "negotiation to the bitter end to save Greece." In a box. "Who's Afraid of the German model?". In the low-cut: "Just a little to forget the good and turn love into hate" and "The Risi's films in the tax haven."

LA REPUBBLICA - Opening: "Bossi, Berlusconi notice." Curzio Maltese editorial: "Democrats in Pontida" Diamonds and Ilvio: "The two Leagues undecided at all." Shoulder: "The admission of NATO: 'Victims civilians in Tripoli'" and "If Europe is disarmed." In the middle photo-news: "Graduate, thirty, precarious: 'Behold, I am worse than Italy'" and "Conti, Confindustria defends Tremonti." In a box: "Angelina Jolie in Lampedusa: 'Bring me the prints'." In the low-cut: "The Inter hunting guru on the bench."

LA STAMPA - Opening: "Bossi Berlusconi: 'Your leadership is now at risk'" and in a box: "The people of the Po: 'Now Maroni at Palazzo Chigi'". In high-cut: "Dead Sakharov's muse" and "The new freedom of the Big Society". Frederick Geremicca editorial: "The thrust is over," and John Cerruti: "A leader tired." In the middle photo-news: "Angelina Jolie shows in Lampedusa" and "Greece: 'We need more 110 000 000 000'". At bottom: "Inter coach without: the series A has more charm."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Collection, a reform in the middle." Editorial Gianni Salvatore Padula and Found: "AC Balance." At the center of the photo-news: "Pompeii points to patrons. Funding for restoration "and" For two out of three licenses coming in July of the bonus points. " Shoulder: "Innovation can still feel the crisis" and "Young people without work has tripled in 40 years." In the low-cut: "The 'Robinson list' to sleep away the guarantee of privacy."

IL GIORNALE - Opening: "Bossi does not betray", with editorial by Victor Felts. In some boxes on the sides: "Now the reins Maroni's Northern League," "If they are silent about the merits of Julius" and "Those poor Democrats who dreamed of the coup". At bottom: "Er Canaro shreds the pretensions of 'bossibilisti'".

LIBERO - Opening: "The League holds out", with Maurizio Belpietro editorial. At the center of the photo-news: "Tremonti spit." In some boxes on the sides: "Silvio takes his breath: 'The grant is still around with me'," "Doomed to Cav if not change the electoral law" and "The Northern League has already turned the page. Now it's up to the PDL. " At bottom: "stone because it's an accident" and "The Democratic Party Unity subcontracts the party."

IL TEMPO - Opening: "Bossi sets in Pontypridd."

IL FOGLIO - At the opening on the left: "Fear of Public Accounts. Or maybe not. " Editorial Giuliano Ferrara: "I am a militant Berlusconi and I have nothing to declare".

L’UNITÀ - Opening photo-page news to all: "Penultimatum". In high-cut: "Refugees without rights Jolie in Lampedusa."

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