venerdì 24 giugno 2011


BBC News - At the opening, "Alfano clashes with the prosecutors." In high-cut: "Naples is submerged by waste. Napolitano called the government "and" Miracles and parodies. " Editorial Francesco Giavazzi: "The worst charge is not seen." Shoulder: "The mirage of self-employed pensions" and "The Messina Bridge? 250 million (and will). " In the middle: "Europe relies on the ECB Draghi. Paris is today the appointment slip "and" 'Berlusconi, a man alone. I defy him on the reforms'. " In a box: "Pensions, tax rates on government securities are excluded". In the low-cut: "The generals on Obama: 'Retreat from Kabul risky'."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Clash of the gag law." Ezio Mauro Editorial: "A problem of democracy." Shoulder: "Naples submerged by waste. The wrath of the Hill on Berlusconi "and" There is a director but will not stop my revolution. " In the middle: "Moody's, banks under fire. Plan to tax the income "and" Obama's America tired of wars. " In the low-cut: "The duel Armani-Prada scepter of fashion" and "The revolt of the slaves who shakes China".

THE PRESS - Opening: "Alfano: P4 interceptions on useless and expensive" and the photo-news: "Naples besieged by the waste. It is now at risk. " In high-cut: "Retreat from Kabul, storm on Obama" and "Saviano La7. Rai does not fit. " Mario Calabresi Editorial: "Government, the big states." Two interviews: "Di Pietro, 'The Democratic Party? An elephant '"and" Casini: Via Silvio and everything collapsed. " In the middle: "Pensions, check the single rate" and a box: "Montezemolo: 'Step constituent after the election'." At the bottom of page: "The hit parade of love."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Bags down, give the banks" and high-cut: "The EU ultimatum: immediately cleared sites or Tab." Elisa Fornero Editorial: "The close on pensions and the example is missing." At the center of the photo-story: "Oil. On the stock market of the West "and" State, reduced salaries. Standard costs also about justice. " Shoulder: "Slide one day the green light to European leaders Dragons" and "Waste in Naples health warning. The Quirinal, the government intervenes. " In the low-cut, "Ciampi contracts back on the spirit of sharing."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Under Fire 16 Italian banks", with editorial Nicola Porro. At the center of the photo-news: "D'Alema am disgusted by the spies." Shoulder: "The League at war. Bossi, Maroni silences the rebel "and" De Magistris discharge waste at Palazzo Chigi. " At bottom: "Toto, and as Silvio and Tonino Fabrizi."

FREE - Opening: "SPY a billion." In high-cut: "Bossi shoots on her, now the League a big risk." Rita Muscardin editorial: "How sad those politicians spettegolanti" and Maurizio Belpietro: "He's right. Must be clean. " At the center of the photo-news: "Psychodrama Pd on women's bodies." Shoulder: "And there in Apulia P3, 5 of the left". At bottom: "Skip the high-speed. Veneto fury on the government. "

THE TIME - Opening: "Cries of the PDL the phone." At the center of the photo-news: "It 'better than his." In the low-cut: "The Romans did not pay the Gra".

THE PACKAGE - At the opening on the left: "Athens invent new taxes in order to reassure the pressing Europe." At the opening on the right: "D'Alema, great weaver of plots suffocated by his intelligence too much." Giuliano Ferrara, editor of the center: "The dung telephone."

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "The day of reckoning." In high-cut: "P4, gagging the PDL to eavesdropping."

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