sabato 25 giugno 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Dragons is the banker of Europe". Editorial Franco Venturini: "The duty to do more." In high-cut, "Blue Car, parliamentary annuities costs. Tremonti size ". In the middle: "Tests dialog PDL-PD on wiretapping. Alfano: points in common. " In the low-cut: "On the waste battle in the majority."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "The League waste blocks the decree." Shoulder: "Dragons in the Central Bank. Bini Smaghi: I resign. " In the middle: "PD in the trenches against the law to gag. Bisignani to the magistrate: Investigate Moretti. " In the central cut: "Immediately the maneuver from 43 billion."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Waste, the Premier League challenge." Editorial Marcello Sorgi, "Di Pietro the sensitive policy". In high-cut: "Europe has decided. Will lead the ECB Draghi: I do not want to disappoint. " In the middle: "The no of the Louvre in Florence: you will not have the Mona Lisa."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Dragons at the top of the ECB." Editorial Fabrizio Galimberti, "Hleb on rules and debts." In high-cut: "Contracts, near the unit agreement with the unions." Shoulder: "Waste, the decree to block the Naples League government." Below: "In a mini-operating tax on financial transactions." Next: "Only six days to avoid losing the Lyon-Turin."

THE TIME - Opening Tremonti's plan to reduce the cost of the policy entitled: "The scissors". At the center of Naples Mayor De Magistris: "Giggino is messed." Editorial Marlowe: "Julius is the right thing."

UNIT - Opening photo-full-page news on the garbage in Naples: "The rejection of the League." In high-cut, "ECB, appointed Dragons. Coming maneuver. "

THE MESSENGER: Opening: "Europe chooses Dragons". Next: "Waste in Naples, the League against the decree." Oscar Giannino Editorial: "The new challenges of a civil servant." In the middle: "Crime Vassallo, Roman track."

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "the raid, Naples: P4, investigated the top of the GDF. Parma bribes, arrests and coins." At the center - "Waste, a hellish night in the Spanish quarters. Bottom left:" Cut the cost of the caste, the last bluff Tremonti. "Bottom right:" Mario Draghi has done it, is president of the ECB ".

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