mercoledì 29 giugno 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "They return tickets, hold on government." In the opening false, "Scola Archbishop of York: 'I will tell you the good life'." Shoulder: "Half of salary, the ministers forced all'austerity". The editorial by Massimo Severgnini: "The lazy and cynical." In the central cut: "Agreement on standard contracts: 4 years after signing the CGIL also." The rtetroscena Francesco Verderame: "And the Minister of Economy signs a truce with the premier." In the low-cut: "pd officer arrested for bribery."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Truce on the maneuver, the ticket back." The editorial by Massimo Giannini, "to watch The Sting." The background of Francis Bei: "And the knight declares victory" of the shoulder: "The wars without men under the eyes of Borges." A center of the page: "Assault hotel suicide bombers, battle in Kabul." In the low-cut: "I tell you that Diana is 50 years old" and "The Challenge of mathematicians: 'Abolish the Pi greek'."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Health, the return of the ticket." The editorial Marcello Sorgi, "subsist at the time of crisis." In mid-cut "contracts, meaning the rules between Confindustria and the unions." Shoulder, the Enzo Bettiza editorial: "A lesson Polaca for Europe". On the right, a novel by Ernest Hemingway: "In my damned Paris."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "This is manipulation of the cuts." In the false opening: "Understanding of contracts and unitary representation." The editorial Alberto Orioli: "The courage to change." Shoulder: "No alarm: Cut to grow." In mid-cut, "Tremonti talks and defended the rigor."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "This is the maneuver: the ticket back." On the subject, in two panels: "Tremonti and the way the European rigor" and "The method of collegiality for a truce in government." The editorial by Carlo Fusi "tear-free solution." In mid-cut "waste, the plan for Roma", with photo: "He struck the helmet with a student, sentenced to three years." In the low-cut: "The Pope priest for 60 years" and "'I'll do the mother and supporter'."

THE TIME - Opening: "The tax cut does not exist". The editorial by Mario Sechi: "So lose Silvio and Julius." Still on the subject: "Collegiality save-minister." At the bottom of page: "Simon Rai and begins to leave the Sky" and "Minidiscariche and awards to municipalities."

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "I cheated, you pay". The editorial by Furio Colombo: "Barrel High Speed". Shoulder, the editorial of Marco Travaglio: "Socrates is a cat." In mid-cut: "Bribes al'Enac, arrested the manager Pronzato. Dalem ". In the boxes: "In the backdrop of Sgarbi pulp and 800 thousand euros", "Tab, everything that hides the party of the concrete" and "The fortunes of Naples clinging to the loop of the League."

UNIT - Opening: "We will pay dear, we will pay everything." The editorial by Stefano Fassina, "drama in two acts." In the box at the top: "The cuts and clashes between Greek tragedy", "There is agreement on the contracts" and "Scola is welcome," by Giuliano Pisapia. In the boxes below: "And if Italy does not laugh Athens crying" and "Gasoline, Sting 'cause migrants'."

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