mercoledì 6 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "It falls on the normally pro Fininvest". Editorial by Gian Antonio Stella: "The provinces of hypocrites." Shoulder: "The freedom of the network and the protection of rights." In the middle photo-news: "The long decline of Villa Adriana" and "Portugal rejected by the rating agency, 'junk bonds'." In a box: "The virtuous Germans are not to blame." In the low-cut: "Another murder in the street shaking Rome" and "The Plan for the Pope's visit to Milan Linate to Mass at the large crowd."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "I praise, Berlusconi gives up." Editorial Ezio Mauro: "Double disgrace". Shoulder: "Letter to Assad 'Listen to the people who invented the alphabet'." In the middle photo-news: "Rome, the novel returns to kill the criminal gangs" and "The supertassa Bot and consumption is still on." In a box: "Rai, stop the appointment of an executive Nardello Structure of Delta." In the low-cut "to the storage LDK".

THE PRESS - Opening: "save-the-face Fininvest" and two boxes: "The Cav. and Eng. friends never "and" stop Bersani PD Referendum ". In high-cut: "Farewell to the shuttle. After thirty years, ending a dream "and" The era of the space in our lives. " Editorial Marcello Sorgi: "And in the end the prime minister was left alone." Shoulder: "High Speed. Europe is running out of Italy is likely to remain "and" The reserve of the Navajos. " In the middle photo-news: "Tahrir Square, the remains of the revolution." At bottom: "Killer in action and speaks Alemanno of Far West."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Ten million accounts taxed" and high-cut: "The rating of Portugal 'junk' as Athens". Raghuram Rajam editorial: "Dear Lagarde, a European, to be forgotten." At the center of the photo-news: "Agriculture. Census: in Italy, but less firms have become larger. " Shoulder: "Berlusconi: 'Pick the norm Mondadori, even though it was right'" and "On the Pope if the PDL takes time. Alfano's invitation: be guaranteed. " In the low-cut: "The consumption remain firm: fewer trips and clothing" and "The bonds of Enel and Fiat revived the market for corporate issues."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "So burning 600 million." Editorial by Victor Felts: "Voters disappointed and they are right." At the center of the photo-news "reporters and Pm, the Alpha structure to the sea." Shoulder: "Flight Mass: Berlusconi (unfortunately) withdraws the law." At bottom: "Rai also remains in the hands of Cosa Nostra."

LIBERO - Opening: "What a fool," with Maurizio Belpietro editorial. At the center of the photo-news: "The cry of Dandini precarious' She's not speaking to me '" and "bypasses Baglioni Veltroni:' He in Africa? I am in the convent '. " Shoulder: "The tangentaro empty the bag. The PD trembles. " At the bottom of page: "A country of saints" and "It 's my revenge. Again give Inter the Scudetto. "

THE TIME - Opening: "They save the provinces as well." At the center of the photo-news: "Praised".

THE PACKAGE - At the opening on the left: "The prosecutor in search of visibility could head in the case of DSK". At the opening on the right: "The Cav. avoids controversy with the Quirinal and waives the right to rule ". In the middle: "The shark and the little girl."

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "Checkmate". In high-cut: "Rome violent, running in the center."

IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO - Opening photo-news: "PAY NOW. Berlusconi, took his hands in lots of "illegal Mondadori", is forced to backtrack after the slap of the hill, the clash with Tremonti and irritation of the League. The attempt to block the compensation to De Benedetti. ". At center "PRINT ASSISTED. Survey in Rome on the financing of newspapers Angelucci. LIBERO, 20 million goodbye. It's over the great binge of government grants. Palace
Chigi cut funds for publishing: for "The Reform" and "Rome" Mouthpiece opens a hole in the budget. "

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