giovedì 7 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Pensions, less stringent standards" and in a box: "On Ruby says yes to the Consulting Room". In high-cut, "Wulff and finance: Stop the opportunists" and "The Tar ten directors: fed back state funds." Piero Ostellino Editorial: "The expansion of the state". Shoulder: "The Vatican reopens the case of Toniolo" and "San Raffaele. The directors resign. And it's stormy. " In the middle photo-news: "Let the skirts Lagarde" and "Missions abroad, the League brakes on the refinancing." In the low-cut, "Agnelli remove the Scudetto to Inter."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Napolitano, the maneuver is not enough", with the background: "The wrath of Prime Minister and PDL: Julius us deeply." Massimo Giannini editorial: "The left is no courage" and Louis Scare: "The capital of the Right." Shoulder: "The personal God of the Italians." In the middle: "Rai acted as the Delta structure." In two boxes: "Scandal Ruby, yes Look at the conflict between House and magistrates" and "Pope persecuted by prosecutors the jail does not scare me." In the low-cut: "The hands of the Camorra of Sabaudia on the legend" and "Save the freedom of bloggers."

THE PRESS - Opening: "The maneuver increases to 68 billion" and two boxes: "The State Council admitted the conflict between the powers" and "Libya, the League says no to refinancing." In high-cut: "Hell prisons: too many prisoners." Mario Deaglio editorial: "A blow to small estates" and Stefano Lepri: "The risk of postponing the sacrifices." Shoulder: "Interception. And 'storm over the empire of Murdoch "and" If you betray the trust of readers. " In the middle photo-news: "All in a Row for the last spell of Harry Potter." At the bottom of page: "'The Federation must respect Juve'."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Two days to correct the accounts" and high-cut: "Pirelli grows in renewable agreement with GWM and Greentech" and "The board Fonsai launches plan of divestiture." Editorial Dear Guido: "Cut taxes and dance numbers." In the middle: "The text of the decree notes paragraph by paragraph." Shoulder: "Europe will limit the market for ETFs," and "China raises rates again to combat inflation. Now the ECB is expected to close. " In the low-cut: "Banks fall on the Stock Exchange" and "From England a lesson in bad journalism."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "We pay the players well," with editorial Nicola Porro. At the center of the photo-news: "Grillo, the last resort of inconsistency. Saturday with the VIPs on Sunday with the No Tav ". Shoulder: "The defense of Pope: 'I have evidence. On the P4 only false accusations against me '"and" Truth of the case? No thanks. Am only interested in the pillory to the media. " At the bottom of page: "From hatred Lodo is a short step."

FREE - Opening: "Aboliamoli", with Maurizio Belpietro editorial. In a box: "Bots, Sting already left." Shoulder: "In front of the Northern League is growing anti-Cav", "That's why we should not stop Pope" and "Wedding Brunetta as the TGV: precarious assault." At bottom: "Valley of apology."

THE TIME - Opening: "Via the provinces. We sign ". At the center of the photo-news: "Maneuver?"

THE PACKAGE - At the opening on the left: "So the powers that be read the maneuver tremontiana defended by the whole government." At the opening on the right: "A terrorist Somalia to the bar in New York to forget Guantanamo." In the middle: "The army of cops demeaning" and "Rite slow, immediate pillory."

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "Brothers of cuts." In high-cut: "The League insists halt to missions."

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