mercoledì 13 luglio 2011

Italian newspapers front pages

BBC News - At the opening: "Truce markets, operation flash". In high-cut: "Tripoli is the output of Gaddafi to Paris." Editorial Massimo Franco: "A torch in the dark." Shoulder: "If the Molise pays better than the State of New York." In the middle photo-news: "Die Taliban kills a paratrooper" and "Law on the bioassay. The provisions of the sick will not be binding. " In the low-cut: "The P4 am watching the investigation."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "maneuver, the plane-privatization." Eugenio Scalfari Editorial: "An instant cure for 12 billion." Shoulder: "The true story of Catherine, Jules and Jim's girlfriend." In the middle photo-news: "Afghanistan, killed by a mine is the fortieth fallen Italian" and "Pass the Biotest goodbye right to choose". In the low-cut: "Murdoch, collapses the myth of Scotland Yard" and "The Obama do battle army of hackers." In a box: "'Cir Fininvest will pay'."

THE PRESS - Opening: "'maneuver, so by Friday," and two boxes: "The North-East ended with the government" and "The opposition with their backs to the wall." In high-cut: "'Mediolanum was warned of the controls'" and "maxi-Fininvest pay the fine." Marcello Sorgi Editorial: "The fear that has moved the Knight." Shoulder: "Cermis, the truth of the Marines: it was our fault" and "The report, 'Here are the causes of the tragedy'." In the middle photo-news: "Fortieth Italian victim in Afghanistan." At bottom: "bioassay, the green room" and "This opens the way for many lawsuits."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Truce on the BTP, the stock market recovers" and cutting the top: "Acquisition Pininfarina Bolloré yes to the banks" and "ready to compensate the CIR Fininvest in ten days." Editorial by Roberto Perotti and Luigi Zingales: "Here's how to get right balance". In the middle: "The effect ECB calms the nerves to the speculators." Shoulder: "Rigor, growth and more Europe" and "Afghanistan, the Italian military dies. Killed the brother of President Karzai. " In the low-cut: "Stock options, the benefits alt" and "Ciampi, only united we will succeed."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Who wants to trap Tremonti?", With editorial Alessandro Sallusti. In the middle: "Lodo Mondadori, the Knight 'ready to pay,'" "Italy is the agenda of Murdoch the 'political'" and "That paratroopers dead in Kabul last day of the mission." At the bottom of page: "Dedicated to the Mavericks in the middle".

FREE - Opening: "But that left Egypt," with Maurizio Belpietro editorial. In high-cut: "Now the girls begin to investigate the popes. At Cepu ". Shoulder: "More Italian killed in Afghanistan, but we must remain." At bottom: "Moderate".

THE TIME - Opening: "We avoided the Bot."

THE PACKAGE - Opening: "The collapse can wait (briefly)". Left: "The Cav. breaks the silence, calling cohesion and governissimo disappoint fans. " Right: "Two shots to the head and the brother of Karzai's talks with the Taliban."

UNIT - Opening photo-page news to all: "Who pays the crisis." In high-cut: "Attack rejected. For now. "

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