lunedì 25 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The confession of the killer." Shoulder: "The infinite stupidity of evil". Editorial Ernesto Galli della Loggia: "The anxiety of Catholics." A news center page photos: "put the stake in Rome into chaos trains from north to south" and "The debt crisis threat to U.S. markets." Below: "Books, movies and television. There is too much fear of the new "and" Make way for the young (56 year old). "REPUBLIC - Opening: "'I, the greatest monster'." Shoulder: "House, Sting two billion, 25% coupon," and "dangerous games of the American right." In the middle: "Rome Tiburtina station on fire, crippled train, transport chaos in Italy" and: "'No, Prime Minister Maroni', the Democratic Party rejects the idea of ​​Fini." At bottom: "Amy, the long goodbye of the damn rock star" and "Swimming Federation in gold, is queen of the 400 SL".THE PRESS - Opening: "The massacre announced on the web: 'Better to kill many'". In high-cut: "Burning in the Tiburtina station. Italy train into a tailspin. " Alberto Bisin editorial: "America is not Greece". Shoulder: "A proposal to restart the negotiations." At the center of news photos: "Federica Pellegrini, then add back the world." At the bottom of page: "'This is how Strauss-Kahn attacked me'."IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The process towards the tax paralysis" and shoulder "Risk super-cuts for 1,400 municipalities." Editorial by Henry De Mita: "A cure worse than the disease". At the center: "In the capital accounts of SMEs is growing and reduces debt," the photo news "Tokyo dreams of federalism" and "Working longer is good for retirement."THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Fire Station Tiburtina train into chaos." In the middle: "The massacre announced on the web" and "I hate teachers." Always at the center of the photo news, "Federica, gold and dedication from the heart" and "U.S. race against time on the debt." Bottom: "The last crazy night for Amy" and "If Superman becomes a secretary and Man Spider tax evader."THE TIME - At the opening news photos: 'Italy is divided by the flames. " Editorial Mario Sechi: "What do you play left and right."THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The trap of the bankers." In the middle picture page news: "'failed due to a rumor Company'" and "Italy split in two, back to the '50s." Shoulder: "Those young people unable to respond" by Vittorio Needled. At the bottom of page: "In Praise of mussel, banner flag."UNIT - Opening: "The joke of the 'baby bonus'." A center-page photo story, "Danger extreme right." Shoulder: "Family and propaganda" and "Another step for Europe

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