martedì 19 luglio 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Euro under attack, suffers from Italy." Marcello Messori editorial: "What is lacking". Shoulder: "Cost of caste can be cut quickly, and without 'grand designs'." A center of the page: "Belgium without a government. And everything goes "and" 'I pay my sins no' Suicidal Verzé Don's deputy. " At the bottom of page: "Death of the deep gorge of the scandal Murdoch" and "The Mystery of the missiles gone to Mary Magdalene."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Markets, the maneuver is not enough." Editorial Ezio Mauro: "Now the prime minister must resign." Shoulder: "Shocks to the S. Raffaele UCID in the office's deputy Don Verzé ". A center of the page: "Murdoch, the journalist found dead at home revealed that the spy." At bottom: "Farewell old curriculum for a job better than a blog" and "'We suddenly poor a thousand euros a month'."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Bags to peak, the fear comes back." Editorial Stefano Lepri: "Italy and EU are two weaknesses in a crisis." Shoulder: "the primacy of Polytechnic of Turin." At the center of the page. "It escapes a lynching the last Pharaoh". At bottom: "All in a Row for a night to Alcatraz."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The debt crisis buries the stock." Alessandro Leipold editorial: "Europe, if you're beat a beat." Shoulder: "Commitments for growth here is the answers of twenty associations." A center of the page: "First day of chaos for the ticket."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: Under the caste Italy cracks. " Editorial by Victor Felts. " In high-cut: "The Whole Truth about the collapse of the markets." A center of the page: "Better death than a lynching." At the bottom of page: "The right wing has chosen to escape from the complex Silvio" and "challenge Emiliano shares rose 'Women? No one vote '".

FREE - Opening: "Siege of State to the pimps': Maurizio Belpietro Editorial:" Who does not waive the privilege will lose its place. " A center of the page: "The hospital in debt to the drama of Silvio." At bottom: "D'Addario by prosecutors to expose those who maneuvered."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Markets, Italy still under fire." Oscar Giannino Editorial: "The budget does not pass the exam." Shoulder: "Regions, ballet ticket health." A center of the page: "Found dead the journalist who revealed the wiretapping case," and "Suicide's deputy Don Verzé". At the bottom of page: "The Valley's theater music" and "My Life as a book."

THE TIME - Opening: "Taxes and sunk." Mario Sechi editorial: "So kill the future." Shoulder: "The shock of the day, fund manager". A center of the page: "The scandal Murdoch is tinged with yellow. One journalist dead. " At the bottom of page: "The vice of Don Verzé suicide in Milan."

UNITA '- Opening: "Dead end". Editorial by Peter Spataro: "The government impotent." In high-cut: "The mystery of the San Raffaele". At bottom: "Vendola: vote early without an alternative to the streets" and "Tabloid-gate. Key witness dies. Murdoch storm on Parliament today. "

THE FACT QUOTIDIANO - Opening: "THE SUICIDE OF THE EMPIRE. He takes off his life Mario Cal, Deputy Don Verzé at San Raffaele. It is another tragic sign of the collapse of Berlusconi's power system. The investigation of the giant hospital: bankruptcy a step. " In the middle: "Chastity mocking us, the good intentions in the closed drawers of the Parliament: in 5 years, 25 bills even one that has gone through.
And Calderoli promises it will be another porcata.Che proposals Fini? ".

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