lunedì 1 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "America near agreement." Comment is Massimo Gaggi: "The choices are inevitable". In the false opening: "The Syrian regime opened fire on the crowd: more than a hundred dead." Still on the theme: "A fierce power without legitimacy." The editorial by Angelo Panebianco: "Governments technicians between myth and reality." In mid-cut: "Premier's ready to talk in the House League: political crisis and, no holidays." At the bottom of the page book by Francesco Alberoni: "The rock, the transgression of the season, and drugs."

REPUBLIC: At the opening: "Crisis, Government-labor battle." The background is Beautiful and Luke Francis Iezzi: "'Street Tremonti or early voting'." The analysis of Federico Rampini: "Obama on the trail of the miracle Clinton." At the center page, with photo: "cannon on the crowd, killing in Syria." Shoulder: "Adios Zapatero, the sad end of happiness Spanish." In mid-cut: "Survey GdF, am from the escort of the minister."
At the bottom of page: "Dear graduated from the North, the record as Medicine" and "friendship Checosami taught by D'Avanzo," by Roberto Saviano.

THE PRESS - Opening: "U.S. debt, a step aimed at." Bill Emmott is the comment: "A deal is not the fog clears." In the false opening "cannon on the crowd: horror in Syria." Still on the theme: "From Father to Son", by Lucia Annunziata. At the center of page with photo: "Massacre of trees to the landscape." In mid-cut: "Democratic Party and the UDC, invite the social partners".
At bottom: "More than a thousand in line for a split in the sun."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "House, Fini scolds Tremonti." A center of the page: "The map of brothels Pd: 101 have investigated more than mud." Shoulder: "Multiculturalism creates monsters and say not a crime", Magdi Cristiano Allam. In mid-cut: "Vendola tender with cable: the cover of insults."
At the bottom of the page, the book Marcello Veneziani: "Holidaymakers give up, you're surrounded."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Increase in Midsummer." The editorial Elisa Fornero: "The long march of pensions." A center of the page: "Sons and work saved by the close."
Shoulder, right: "The dead end of fiscal controls" and "The fears of SMEs: deferred investments."

THE TIME - Opening: "The Palace gives us a little cut." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "Please go to sea." In the false opening: "Syria, Assad stops the butcher." At the center of page with photo: "U.S. debt, a step the agreement."
Shoulder: "Fini from Monte Carlo to Tremonti House" and "Julius spied, explores the Prosecution."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "U.S. debt, seen nearby." The editorial of John Sabbatucci: "Italy is united by the highest hill." At the center of page with photo: "Bombs on demonstrators, killing of civilians in Syria." In mid-cut, "Naples-Rome, the black day". At bottom: "This mission of love to find inspiration lost" and "The ministries?
Itinerant and seasonal. "

UNIT - Opening: "no government". The comment is Vittorio Emiliano: "The desertion of the August 2". In high-cut, "Crisis, challenge the opposition." At bottom: "Syria, the fist of the military: More than 100 dead" and "If the West remains silent."

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