sabato 13 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Launched manipulation of the sacrifices." Angelo Panebianco's editorial: "The Winds of the market, sudden awakenings." A center of the page: "36 Provinces disappear. 1970 merged small towns. " At the bottom of page: "The gift of Rachel" and "The Pisapia come to the feast of Ramadan."

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Tax cuts and, by Sting 45 billion." Editorial Massimo Giannini: "The move of desperation." A center of the page: "The more expensive the personal income tax for the self." At bottom: "Anita, a degree of life 'revenge after the earthquake'" and "The worm that eats the beautiful country of concrete."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Cuts and taxes of 45.5 billion." A center of the page: "'The I heart dripping with blood'." At the bottom of page: "The night he broke the wall of shame".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The 'narrow': cuts immediately for 16 billion." Editorial by Roberto Napoletano, "'Squeezing' and healing". Shoulder: "At work, shared goals." A centropagina. "Bags on the rise, Milan +4%".

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "That's who pays." Editorial by Victor Felts. At the bottom of page: "From the breakdown will go out with a nice fascist coup."

THE MESSENGER - Opening "Yes to maneuver from 45.5 billion." Oscar Giannino Editorial: "Who always pays the bill." A center of the page: "Rome, Valencia alarm" and "The Dark of the cuts on the state." At bottom: "Melanie, blackmail in the barracks" and "Dear visitors, do not disturb the spearmen of the Unknown Soldier."

FREE - Opening: "Gee, they raise taxes." Maurizio Belpietro editorial: "At this rate, Italy will rip in two." Shoulder: "strategic error. Europe asked us to cut. " A centropagina: "And the caste eats almost nothing."

UNITA '- Opening: "Dark at work." In high-cut "Assault on severance pay and thirteenth." Editorial Gianola Rinaldo: "Injustice and confusion."

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