lunedì 22 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The rebels are in Tripoli, the regime falls" el'editoriale Sergio Romano: "A strange war without winners". A center of the page: "Napolitano: 'A turning point for growth'." Bottom: "If you help someone, do not expect gratitude" and "Strauss-Kahn, case closed?".

REPUBLIC - Opening news photos: "The rebels in Tripoli is ours" and on the left: "The city burns with its dictator". At bottom: "Napolitano: 'Hidden severity of the crisis'."

THE PRESS - Opening news photos: "Tripoli, Gaddafi's final hours" of Martha el'editoriale Dassù: "Euro and Libya, the wars of Europe." In the middle: "'Getting Away, just weaknesses'" and "The president steals the show at the Knight." Shoulder: "The Sikh temple colors Padania". At bottom: "Mal Municipality".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The local tax bill doubles" el'editoriale Alberto Orioli: "The spirit of redemption." Shoulder: "The shadow dell'eurotassa a risk to the lists." At the center: "In Venice, the coast of the Covenant 190 euros per inhabitant" and "By December capital gains tax to the test."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Tripoli, Gaddafi's final hours." In a box: "The parable of the dictator who was believed invulnerable" and "The Italian pressing: 'Do more blood'." Editorial by Richard De Palo: "The end of the regime." At the center, "Napolitano: severity of the crisis hidden from the majority" and "Come to the challenges." Below: "Rome, arrives Oswald" and "That's the island that there is (or us) where you can live without rules and taxes."

THE TIME - Opening: "Bersani Napolitano gives lessons." Editorial Mario Sechi: "Italy and Germany between the euro and the mark". In the middle: "the regime collapses of Tripoli. Caught three sons of Saddam. " News photos of the shoulder: "Chancellor of rigor but without memory." At bottom: "Murder of Melania. It 'goes' in the barracks "and" The Papaboys become missionaries in the world. "

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "What I can not say Silvio". Shoulder: "Last hours for Saddam ready to surrender" and "And the risk for post Gaddafi Islamist". At bottom: "We learn from the tooth fairy."

UNIT - Opening: "Napolitano, the moment of truth". In the middle picture page news: "Ladies, just one salary." Shoulder: "It speaks well of wealth" and "Libya, the Italian vacuum." Bottom: "The rebels in Tripoli. The Saddam: fight until the end. "

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