lunedì 8 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The ECB in defense of Italy and Spain" and "That dictates of the government on reforms and deficit". Shoulder: "If the state does not change the economy again." Editorial Alberto Alesina: "In search of leaders." In the middle picture page news: "London, night of fire and violence" and "costs of politics. Here are all the cuts you can do now. " Bottom: "Everyone on vacation in August. Out of habit (but not only) "and" 'Cattelan? It kills the art ".

REPUBLIC - Opening: "The ECB to the rescue of the markets" and to the left: "Palazzo Chigi Franco-German" and "The art of getting by now will save us." At the center of news photos: "Fights and fires: two nights of violence in London." Shoulder: "As a former chicken farm to the transformation of San Patrignano." At the bottom of page: "Football, the captains threaten: 'Agreement or you do not play'" and "So big business 'dries up' the small breweries."

THE PRESS - Opening: "ECB, so the purchase of BTP," and in a box: "Temporary Relief". Editorial Ricolfi Luke: "A country without it." Shoulder: "The strike of the Serie A: 'Do not play the first race'." At the center of news photos: "Twelve hours of battles on the streets of London." At bottom: "Power? Not received. "

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The weight of the cuts on the development" el'editoriale Forquet Fabrizio: "Unleashing new resources to invest." Shoulder: "After the redditometro prohibited other controls" and "Bills forced to triple check-up." At the center of news photos: "The dragon of the seas. China leader in marine transport "and" Deposits with half suffering from Italy. "

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "The Central Bank of Italy to the rescue" and in a box: "First a decree on pensions and taxes" and "How to defend against the overall risk." Franco Garelli editorial: "The crisis and the outer guide." In the middle: "London, revolt against the police" and "bomb, evacuated the Coliseum." Below: "Football, sampled at risk" and "spread the bronzer in the living room and pretend to be in Hawaii."

THE TIME - At the opening news photos: "Operation save debt." Editorial Francesco Damato: "Speculators policy." At the center of news photos: "The downgrade of American Tea Party and Obama." At bottom: "Murder of Melania. It 'goes' in the barracks "and" Alarm at the Coliseum for a fake bomb. "

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The powers that be try the blitz." Editorials: "The technocrats without a vote" and "An assist Europe." A center of the page: "Taxes, privileges, houses. Here's what voters want in our Italian Parliament. " At the bottom of page: "The sad news of Henry Settedisgrazie".

UNIT - Opening: "The order of Merkel and Sarkozy." A news center page photos: "The hidden letter." Shoulder: "Now tell the truth" and "The most serious error."

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