sabato 20 agosto 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Bags, Milan suffer more." Editorial Giuseppe De Rita, "The social partners, timid ideas." In the middle: "Sell offices and barracks. The plan to raise cash, "" With the Libyan rebels on the march a few kilometers from Tripoli. " Below: "Summer is here (now). Let's enjoy, "" Judgement on football betting. No discount for Atalanta. So go for less than 6 points. "

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Down Bags, sull'eurobond battle." In the middle: "Bossi Italy prepare Padania goes wrong." "The Dossier: A Guide to the markets in the storm." Shoulder: "There is a state in Europe that wants to sterilize the Roma." Below: "But who is the North Pole is melting?"; "The aesthetics of the 'I like' that dominates the network."

THE PRESS - Opening: "The government is considering to sell." At the center of "China-US, the game ends like peace. Beijing, kicks and punches between Chinese American college and professional durations Biden's visit. " Editorial: Federico Geremicca "New rules to save the policy" by Arrigo Levi "The limp that slows Europe". Hello Massimo Gramellini: "The appointment of the rose."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Supertassa to erase." Stefano Cappellini Editorial: "What remains of Bossi's League." In the middle: "Bags, another black day".

UNITA '- Opening: "maneuver, the government of Babel." In the middle: "Interview with Julian Piasapia. 'Occult powers against me'. "

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Bags, clay banks sinks to Europe." Donato Masciandaro editorial: "G-5 to stop the Fed Bankers." At the center: "In contrast. From Coca-Cola to oil, the titles that beat the crisis, "" Heritage, a plan check. "

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