lunedì 5 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Revenue and layoffs, the new operation." Piero Ostellino Editorial: "The rich and the Dodgers." A center of the page: "'Illegal payments in cash to Tarantino'" and in a box: "Assault on the estate of Gaddafi." Shoulder: "An unpleasant effect of the general strike." Below: "Never give in to difficulties. Ideas and courage to save "and" Maturity, good-bye to the Brain. "

THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "maneuver, easier to dismiss." At the center of news photos: "Berlusconi and Bossi, the consensus breaks down. Bersani takes but will pay the scandals "and" Tarantini, chasing money. The Democratic Party suspends Penati ". Shoulder: "The ultimate mystery of the ghosts of Fidel and Cuba." At the bottom of page: "Obama: You know my dear daughters only cure" and "Eco, so I corrected the name of the rose."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Maneuver, you can fire if there is so unions" and the editorial by Gian Enrico Rusconi, "A vote against the euro." Middle: photos news: "Del Piero: 'Here is the new home of Juventus'". Shoulder: "The era of the Towers collapses to Lehman." At the bottom of page: "'Obese children are taken away from parents'."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Berlusconi off the noose." At the center of news photos: "Right lame but left crippled." Shoulder: "That's who has suggested that article." At bottom: "If a man tells you about his tragedy."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Taxation, risk of criminal offenses without a net." Editorial Forquet Fabrizio: "A chance at a great price." Shoulder: "Bags under pressure between government bonds and GDP." In the middle: "Crisis and the dollar: the fears of SMEs" and "The rescue of emerging."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Jobs and taxes, change" and "The industrial hound the government take action." In a box, "defeat for Merkel, the factor weighs Europe." Editorial by Paul Matthiae: "Fatalism accomplice of art vandals." At the center of news photos: "Piazza Navona, a raid premeditated" and "I am: money Tarantini, the prime minister has violated the rules against money laundering". Below: "Lippi: Totti clear spoken" and "A lesson in instant success, the Russian tycoons in the chair."

THE TIME - Opening: "Layoffs are easier." Editorial Mario Sechi: "Between Waterloo and Wall Street." At the center of news photos: "The Wide Area Alemanno. With Fini? ". Shoulder: "The wonderful world of Bersani". At the bottom of page: "'I did, but I would have killed'."

UNIT - Opening: "Freedom of fire." In the middle picture page news: "One hundred squares to change." Editorial Luigi Mariucci: "Struck work".

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