martedì 27 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "The judges investigating Berlusconi." Shoulder Franco Venturini commented: "If the games of the Kremlin threaten Russia." The editorial by Michael Ainis: "The paper faded federalism." Fotonotizia center: "Anita Ekberg, 'my 80 years in the clinic, only one'." Above: "The bishops and indirect criticism of the Prime Minister: 'More soberly, it is to purify the air'." Below: "Tex and Zagor cry, Bonelli's gone." Bottom right: "Proposal for cyclists with helmets are better."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "The bishops against Berlusconi." Shoulder: "The boys rebel defying Putin." Editorial by Barbara Spinelli, "Do not possumus". At the center fotonotizia: "Greece is trembling, slipping EU aid. ECB ready to cut rates on the stock. " On the left low-cut: "The government accelerates the gag-law". Below: "Close the Bagaglino, the talcum powder on the right."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Berlusconi thrust of the bishops." Editorial Marcello Sorgi: "Harsh words asking for the setback." Fotonotizia "Mr. 9 billion, the communist leader". To the right of Gianni Riotta reports: "I swear in the New York drug." Top left: "The lie of Sigonella Craxi". Right: "Obama to Europe: 'Crisis, too slow'." Bottom: "If all politics is Bagaglino the Bagaglino closes."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The bishops are party." Editorial by Victor Felts Opening with the title. Fotonotizia center: "The D'Urso dancing the same (even the judges)." Shoulder: The bureaucracy defeats anti-Mafia business. " Lower right: "If the micro thong is left does not use women's bodies." Bottom left: "Bersani ask the head of the Democratic Party mayors downgraded".

FREE - Opening: "re-establish the center." Maurizio Belpietro editorial on the opening theme. At the center of the fotonotizia: "War between the ministers for the paperwork mafia". Shoulder: "The government throws five million trees to gather broad demographic." Below: "Lightning on Silvio am a sinner but also on". Let us review the shoulder of Philip: "He has escaped the dead."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The ECB opens on rates, the stock market rises." Editorial by Christine Lagarde: "Time to act and not react." Shoulder: "The bishops, a great moral issue, it purified the air." The point of Stefano Folli: "Where to view the Church." Bottom: 'slip still cuts to the ministries. "

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Berlusconi is under investigation." The editorial by Gian Maria Gros-Pietro: "Global governance and anti-debt plan." Under the opening "No certificates mafia, Brunette storm on". At the center fotonotizia: "Postponed aid to Greece, Europe against Obama." A centropagina: "The thrust of the bishops." Below: "Do not believe the self-confessed thief, innocent in prison for eleven months." And again: "The second life of captain Francesco Totti, 35 years and not hear."

THE TIME - Opening: "I sing to all the bishops." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "Politics and the Gospel." Shoulder Francesco Damato comment: "The opposition suspended between settling and vote." Lower down, "the good victim of Brunette rhetoric about anti-mafia". Below: "Farewell to Mirigliani owner of Miss Italy". Always at the bottom: "The library Tommasi rises from the rubble."

UNITA '- At the center fotonotizia: "The last of Brunetta". Above: "The bishops discouraged Berlusconi." The analysis of Alfredo Reichlin: "Our real challenge." Sdogati Fabio's comment: "Athens is not a company." Bottom: "Greece, the EU refers. Obama: Europe is too slow. "

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "The spring also the Church 'foul the air'." Editorial Marco Politi: "Two years too late." Comment by Marco Travaglio: "The Mafia has to turn." Below: "'B. Tarantini paid to lie '. "

MF - Opening: "Now on with the rate cut." In the middle: "BPM, Bonomi wins with Mediobanca." Below: "Argent, s'il vous plait."

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