venerdì 9 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Premier on the phone, a case". Top: "All the broken promises on reducing costs." Angelo Panebianco's editorial: "Two readings for a crisis." Fotonotizia center: "Rebuilding, Japan knows it." Always at the center: "Penati accused of corruption for the Milan-Serravalle". Below: "Enough with the parody of forgiveness."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "The Prime Minister: Lavitola not come back." Editorial Curzio Maltese: "Prisoner of himself." At the center, the fotonotizia: "The ECB supports the maneuver. Saccomanni to the Bank of Italy. " Even in the middle: "Scandal in Serravalle, Penati new indictment." Shoulder: "What he taught me the pain of September 11" by Barack Obama. " Bottom: Our little film saved by an alien. "

THE PRESS - Opening: "Italy is growing alarm." Editorial Massimo Gramellini "holed up in the fort of privileges." In high-cut: "The Prime Minister in Lavitola: 'You must not go'." Shoulder: "Penati investigated for corruption." In a box: "The Deputy President". At the center, the fotonotizia: "Welcome home, Juventus people."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Pd, Penati bribes to" Alessandro Sallusti. Fotonotizia center: "The school, factory ethereal illusions." Under: "Gone with the law cuts Provinces. But the ladies do not touch "and" The ECB supports the maneuver. Now fall in the field of Europe. "

FREE - Opening: "'The scam of the Provinces." Above: "Penati, corruzine another. Bersani must speak now. " In the middle: "The latest idea: a government-Alfano Casini". " Shoulder: "Silvio intercepted with Lavitola: 'Stay abroad'." In a box: "Hunting in Switzerland to the household gods of bribes." In a box: "Fragrance is a candidate to make the Tremonti"

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "ECB: Italy in line with the commitments." Uri Dadush Editorial: "Believe in Berlin 'United States of Europe'." In the middle: "The provinces become 'regional'. Color photos: "Taxes and Money: Use one-two." Shoulder, right: "Premier intercepted telephone Lavitola in Bulgaria: stay where you are."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Berlusconi, the new storm." The editorial by Franco Garelli: "The cuts and the bad example of politicians." In a box: "Corruption, another indictment for household gods." In the middle: "'Italy must change'" and the interview: "Amanda: 'Finally I feel that I believe'." Below: "AC Milan-Lazio, it is shared" and "The runners of the night."

THE TIME - Opening: "The debt? A child's play. " Marlowe's editorial: "Frankfurt is not infallible." At the center, the fotonotizia: "Milan-Lazio. Face to face between Ibrahimovic and Klose. " And still at the center: "Justice, the fugitive is still the policy." Below: "Buttafuoco at the court of the Sultan."

UNITA '- At the center fotonotizia: "And he advised the flight." In the upper cuts: "Government on course on Article 8". Shoulder "maneuver without a future" Paul's Warriors. " Below: "Serravalle, Penati accused of corruption. 'I do not know nothing'. "

THE FACT NEWSPAPER - Opening: "Take the Money and Run". Editorial Marco Travaglio: "The dolcevitola". In the middle: "Penati, red on the highway bribes

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