mercoledì 7 settembre 2011


BBC News - At the opening: "Vat 21% and withdrawal over 300 thousand euros." Editorial Dario Di Vico: "Put a dot". At the center: "If Penati and Serravalle. The secret diplomacy to justify the price. " Always at the center in a picture: "Tour of Padania, in escape from reality." Bottom: "The Hunt for the posts of those who steal disabled."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Increase the VAT, the supertassa back." Editorial Massimo Giannini: "Harm reduction". At the center of Valter Lavitola words: "The Prime Minister said, the money from Tarantino." Bottom: "Post September 11, the American future."

THE PRESS - Opening: "most expensive VAT and taxes on the rich." Editorial Luigi La Spina: "The political problem to be solved." At the center: "Mora: 3 million from the Prime Minister." Editorial by Frederick Geremicca: "The effects of voting blind."

THE NEWSPAPER - Opening: "There we are: That's who pays" by Alessandro Sallusti. Next to the comment by Salvatore Tramontano: "The leash CGIL Bersani's neck."

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The Tax rises to 21% levy on the super-rich." Editorial Claudio Gentile: "Hedges and visual navigation." In the middle: "Spread the highest yet, in red bags."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Salt of the VAT, the supertassa back." Paul Pombeni editorial: "The uncertainties of the new-face". At the heart of Naples on the investigation escort: "Money to help Tarantini. Berlusconi knew everything. "

THE TIME - Opening: "The maneuver infinite." Mario Sechi editorial: "The Monopoly of the beautiful country". Photo by Susan Camusso center page titled: "CGIL. Camusso strike is a flop. Workers does not win. " Below: "TB, guarantees the City: Schools and hospitals are sure."

UNITA '- Opening: "Salt VAT, plus tax for all." Editorial Claudio Sardo: "What is at stake." Large picture entitled: "Save Italy".

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