lunedì 19 settembre 2011

newspapers italian

BBC News - At the opening: "Bossi and Alfano it alone". The editorial by Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi, "Why is not totally useless." Fotonotizia Center: "Three goals from AC Milan Cavani off." Even in the middle: Euro put at risk by Merkel and Sarkozy. " Below: "You are rewarded for waste."

REPUBLIC - Opening: "Popeye pm-Berlusoni". At the center, the fotonotizia: "Strauss-Kahn: 'No violence but I apply the Elysee'." Even in the middle: "Obama taxes the rich to fiscal consolidation." Shoulder: "Cameron, Murdoch and intrigue at Downing Street." Below: "In Berlin, he won the SPD, Merkel's new defeat."

THE PRESS - Opening: "Bossi raises the secession." Editorial Francesco Guerrera, "Coins, risiko the losers." Shoulder: "Diktat turkish, 'If Cyprus will lead the 27 EU goodbye'." At the center, the fotonotizia: "This is the planet of Star Wars, has just two." Below: "Strauss-Kahn: 'I made a moral error'".

THE NEWSPAPER - At the opening: "Live TV bribery Pd". Editorial by Victor Felts: "Do not hold the government? If they can beat him. " Fotonotizia center: "We only lacked the secession." Below: "Bossi, the roar of a king tired".

IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "The Treasury will reopen the dossier-house." Editorial Guido Gentile: "Thousand of unknowns 'share 400'". Shoulder: "When the formerly poor help the former rich" and "The crisis 'closes' the small supermarket." In the middle: "Professions, reform in a year."

THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Berlusconi Pm-new challenge." The editorial by John Sabbatucci: "Rites tired, dangerous words." At the center of the fotonotizia: "The gifts and the night with Belen." Always at the center: "Lazio beat, whistles to Reja." Yet the center: "State, close to two billion. Bonanni's strike threat. " Bottom: "Strauss-Kahn apologizes."

THE TIME - Opening: "ultimatum expired for Silvio", Mario Sechi. Shoulder, the fotonotizia: "The roar of Bossi's secession." And still at the center: "The accuser of Penati confesses on live TV." Below: "Reja Lazio defeat and booed."

UNIT - Opening: "Berlusconi, time's up." At the center of the fotonotizia: "The Padani Sunday." The analysis of Michael Cliberto: "The national interest". Bottom: "Berlin is the SPD, green leap and pirates."

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