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BBC News - At the opening: "Berlusconi: I challenge you to vote for me against." At the center fotonotizia: "The guys who give us back the pride." The editorial by Sergio Romano: "long agony additional costs." Right: "'If I die I will do in the House.'" Far right: "Craxi. Prodi and the twilight of the leaders. " Shoulder: "Accounts Italians, even the ECB will monitor the Dragons."Bottom right: "A weak Europe that does not choose anymore."Bottom: The lucky enough to be a duffer. "
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Berlusconi resist, flee markets."Miguel gotor Editorial: "The price we pay." Bottom left: "The prime minister also dropped by Gianni Letta." Right: "The flood devastated the island. And the League: the rain chasing the Roma. " Bottom left: "So they let him die in jail Saidou." Below: "Marriage? No thanks, overtaking the U.S. singles. "
THE PRESS - Opening: "The act of force Berlusconi." Mario Deaglio Editorial: "The void that sinks the country." Fotonotizia the center: "It could have saved Michael Jackson, killed him." To the right of Enzo Bettiza comment: "The dichotomy of the Franco-German psychodrama." Right: "Panic in America, tomorrow blackout of all television." Top left: "The weather is another victim: eighty drowns at home on Elba." Top right: "For the two climbers left with the white prisoners of hope."
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "I'm not leaving." Editorial untitled Alexander Sallusti. Victor Felts editorial right: "The horse trading". Four calls in the middle on the front page: "A day of roller coaster and phone calls between boatos pirate", "Statement, the numbers are there. Then trust the anti-crisis plan, "" 'Silvio stand aside'. The League is tinged with yellow, "" from casino to casiniana, the flip of Carlucci. " Bottom right: "Volunteer and entrepreneurs: the country that does not complain." Bottom left Marcello Veneziani, "Mr Stray hooked."
FREE - Opening: "Venitem to take." Bottom left: "Silvio is played in the trenches of the Senate." Bottom center: "We have a problem, democracy is evil."
IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Berlusconi resists the spread fly."Editorial by Roberto Napolitano: "The trust of the world." The point of Stefano Folli: "The end of a junction isolated leaders."The analysis by Giampaolo Galli: "The broken promises." Bottom center: "The EU: once the plan-growth." Right bottom: "Understanding FAS funds to Brussels: Italy 'liberate' 8 billion."
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Government, the challenge to Berlusconi." The editorial by Charles Wayne: "The price even higher." Above: "Fly the spread, the stock rises on rumors of resignation." At the center of the fotonotizia: "Bad weather Elba, woman dies." Right: "Crisis, EU mission in Rome: 'responses are clear.'" Right lower: "Paris will freeze salaries of ministers and Sarkozy." Bottom left: "The former Negro blackmailed by the mafia, 'Bring someone from Lazio.'" At the bottom center: "Jackson, the doctor guilty." Bottom right: "'The usual idiots' scoops the box office, it is always Italian comedy."
TIME - Opening: "Berlusconi leaves everyone in a panic." The editorial by Mario Sechi: "Three scenarios, a single card."Shoulder: "The Knight sent the stock on a roller coaster."Fotonotizia center: "It Casini dreams of being downtown." Right: "The EU fully in place and anything in order." Right bottom: "The hardest part of 'King George'." Below: "The sad success of idiots." Bottom two boxin 'Confirmed' strike gas stations until Friday "and" outdoor tables in the center. The regular licenses become abusive. "
UNITY '- Opening the fotonotizia: "The end of the Second Republic. Above: "The last war of Berlusconi." The editorial by Peter Spataro: "The duty of the opposition." Rinaldo Gianola's comment: "And Marina said: Dad resist." Bottom left: "Rivers dangerous, so the Po becomes a dumping ground." Bottom right: "Athens is preparing a unity government" and "Pasolini is the DNA of a third man."
THE DAILY FACTS - Opening: "Finished". Editorial by Mark Labor: "The Pomicione". Editorial Antonio Padellaro: "Pies not.Elections yes ". Bottom: Italy will "and" Italy of the ridge. " Further down: "The model 'public service'." (IlVelino / AGV)

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