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BBC News - At the opening: "Government, to the office in Monti."Shoulder: "The rates of BTP over 7%. Obama's confidence in Italy. " Right: "Dictionary of Political loyalty betrayed." To the right four boxin "Frattini: polls? No, we must save the country ";" The quarrels between Brunetta and Tremonti "," Four steps to protect their savings "and" For banks accounts heavier. " At the center: "Europe in defense of rigor." The editorial by Ferruccio de Bortoli: "We can do it." The background: "So the Hill reassures Brussels". Below: "The real friends? They are two-to-head. "Search box at the bottom: "Thirty below zero to 4 000 meters.The useless shelter of the two climbers. "
THE REPUBLIC - Opening: "Drama on the stock exchange in the field of Mountains". Editorial by Massimo Giannini: "The turning point of the Quirinal." Right: "BTP, nightmarish day, the spread flies at an altitude of 575". At the center: "Professor of the euro in Anglo-Saxon style." Always at the center: "The Knight: The Second Republic is over." Below: "The Scrooge Americans who speak no English." Right bottom: "Balotelli, the bad boy forced to be a leader." Right above: "'Sell in Italy, is at the point of no return'."
THE PRESS - Opening: "Move of the Hill: check Mountains."Editorial by Mario Calabresi: "The antidote to the collapse of the system." Top left: "Casini: now everyone will sign the armistice."Top center: "The political back to the old rites." Top right: "Mediaset sinks. 'Silvio stopped'. " At the center of the interviews: "Veltroni: 'is perfect'" and "Bill Clinton: 'cuts immediately.'" At the center: "Salary 80% excess to the state." To the right of Gianni Riotta interview with Tony Blair: "'God is the idea to tackle the crisis.'" Lower right: "Found dead the two climbers on Mont Blanc." Bottom left: "That sign that the EU expects". Bottom center: "Only 12 technical ministers". Below: "A life with B".
THE JOURNAL - Opening: "Blitz of powers". Fotonotizia: "The Bocconi friend of the banks." Editorial by Victor Felts: "Handbags are BTPs and ko. But the problem was not just Silvio? ". Bottom left: "The offer of Cav: 'If you need to leave the country immediately.'" Bottom center: "I vote for all the possible voting majorities." At the bottom right-most "slips off Bossi, the League is already the opposition." Below Marcello Veneziani: "And now we go to the vacuum advance."
FREE - Opening: "Here is everything down." Editorial with the headline Belpietro Mauritius. Franco Bechis shoulder editorial: "Left put the lie. Silvio was not the target market. " At the lower center: "The age of Cav sets but he has no alternative." At the far right center of the page: "Revolt in the blues: no technicians, to vote yes." Fotonotizia the center: "Italy is sinking and they giggle."IL SOLE 24 ORE - Opening: "Hurry." Left: "BTP 7.25%, spread records: the case of Italy the stock sinks." Right: "Governissimo Berlusconi opens. Monti is in pole position. " Comment by Luigi Zingales: "If patriotism is bad." The point of Stefano Folli: "The reserves of the Republic."
THE MESSENGER - Opening: "Government, to the office in Monti." The editorial by Stefano Cappellini: "The care that serves the country." Top right: "It's already begun full-ministers." Always comment on the right of Charles Wayne: "The new divorce and Umberto Silvio." At the center: "stock market crashes, spread record." Right: "Art 18, is yellow. Yes mobility for the state. "Fotonotizia center: "Strike the wild, underground into a tailspin."Bottom left: "Rome, lurking in the center." Bottom center: "The FIGC: 'Lotito should be stopped.'" Right bottom: "How many citations without a master, plagiarism on the web is massive game."
TIME - Opening: "The Hill launches Mountains. Mr Berlusconi is ".The editorial by Mario Sechi: "The political leadership loses." On the right, comments: "The strategy Zapatero and the hoax of the spread," "The EU calls on existing measures from Italy" and "The legacy of the Knight: right and change." Fotonotizia with commentary by Francis Damato: "The Bocconi is now less technical." Below: "Still the Wild West in Rome. A wounded ".
UNITY '- Opening the fotonotizia: "Man of the Hill". Above: "Bersani: 'We are ready'." The analysis of Paul Guerrieri: "There is no time to lose." To the left of Michael Prospero's comment: "The knights of the dust." Bottom left: "No funds. The government closed the museum of the Nazi-Fascist massacres. " At the bottom. "Iran threatens to destroy Israel." Bottom right: "How global homo sapiens."
THE DAILY FACTS - Opening: "Time's up." Editorial by Mark Labor: "The last will." At the center: "Finally it goes but it's really over?". Editorial by Paolo Flores d'Arcais: "Finale with makeup."Below: "Big Luciano against all (including Juventus): terrible revenge." Always at the bottom: "Who controlled Finmeccanica?The wheeler-Cola. " (IlVelino / AGV)

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